2022 Popcorn: All You Need To Know

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Hello Akelas,
Thank you for supporting your Scouts and Riverside Pack 24 this year by selling popcorn as our main fundraiser. Here are some details and logistical information for your reference. Sorry for info overload, but save this email for future reference.

Why Sell Popcorn? 

  • It allows each Scout to earn money to fund their Scouting adventures (70+% of the profits selling popcorn comes directly back to our Pack!)
  • It helps pay for a portion or all of certain events throughout the year.
  • It helps pay for annual membership dues.
  • For Scouts they earn recognition, advancements and retention. Its fun and encourages responsibility, association with friends, motivation for prizes, a sense of accomplishment and potential Legacy Scholarships. 

3 Ways to Sell 

  1. Take Orders:  Door-to-Door Sales 
    1. Leaders will pass out order forms at the Pack 24 Kick-off meeting on Sunday, August 28, 2022. Prize sheets will also be distributed. Eventually we will receive door hangers you can fill out and leave if someone is not home for them to contact you back. 
    2. Tips for Selling Door-to-Door 
      1. Be Neat – Scouts should wear their uniform for a professional look.
      2. Be Prepared – Scouts should learn the popcorn flavors and prices, along with what you are going to say. 
      3. Maintain Eye Contact – be confident
      4. Speak Loudly and Clearly
      5. Always Be Polite & Courteous – Always say “Thank you!” at the end of a sale even to the people who don’t buy anything!
      6. Keep Moving with a Smile – the more people you approach and talk to, the more popcorn you will sell
      7. If someone doesn’t want to buy popcorn please refer to the Answers To Objections At Point Of Sale sheet on the back of the PTAC Incentives sheet!
      8. Scouts should bring the following while selling door-to-door: 
        1. Order form / Pen (optional:  clipboard)
        2. Envelope for money/checks collected
        3. Cash in case customer needs change back
    3. Payments: It is up to the individual parent, but we recommend collecting payment at time of order. Cash is preferred, but checks can be made out to you, the parent (Akela). 
    4. We expect that parents then submit ONE check with the total amount due/collected to their Den leaders by the deadline, Monday, October 24, 2022. This total check should be made out to “Pack 24”. Order forms along with prize selections should also be turned into your Den leader.  
    5. Den leaders reconcile and submit entire Den order to Jenny & Lee Hinson by Wednesday, October 26, 2022.
    6. Popcorn will then be distributed to Scouts on the weekend of November 12-13, 2022. You can inform your customers that delivery will be during the following week.  
  2. Site Sales 
    1. We will be holding 14 Site Sales to earn credit selling popcorn at local stores. These will take place on the weekend days of Saturday and Sunday each weekend in the months of September and October, 2022. Each weekend day will consist of 3 two-hour time slots at each Site Sale from 10am – 4pm. Please sign up for any and all dates you’d like from September 10, 2022 through October 23, 2022 on the signup genius. Most of our best seller’s participation use this as a way to boost their sales with minimal effort. Total sales for the day will be divided amongst the Scouts based on the hours selling. The more hours selling = more sales credit for the Scout.

Sign up here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/8050F4CA5A72FA3FD0-pecatonica

  1. Scouts should wear their uniform to look professional, and don’t forget to sign in upon arrival to ensure proper credit is given.  
  2. Online Sales

Officially we are identified as:
Riverside Cub Scout Pack #3024
Pathway to Adventure Council (PTAC)
Portage Creek District
Riverside Presbyterian Church
Have your Scouts Sign up for an online selling account and earn more towards their Scouting adventures!  A new line of gourmet products are now available exclusively on a user friendly site that has similarities to popular sites that everyone is used to seeing.  Scouts, families, and units can tell their story in a compelling way seeking support for Scouting’s mission with fresh and softer branded products that will appeal to everyone.
It’s easy to register! You will receive an email with subject line:  “Boy Scouts of America Online Popcorn Sale” from Pecatonica River Popcorn. Within this email there will be a click here link that will take you to the MY PR Popcorn Tool to create and customize an account for your Scout. Be sure to use your Scouts specific Seller ID. This will be the Seller ID that you will share with anyone who wants to support your Scout so they receive proper credit. By sharing the link to Pecatonica River Popcorn’s online store, www.prpopcornstore.com, with your family and friends they can help support your Scout and our Pack 24. There is even a Pecatonica River Popcorn app you can download through the app store called the My PR Popcorn App

You are now ready to create and use your personal profile! 

  • On the left side of the page click on My Profile to edit and create your Scout’s profile.
  • Upload a picture of your Scout in their uniform and set their fundraising goal. You can even upload a video of them explaining why they are selling popcorn for Cub Scouts Pack 24 in Riverside and asking for support in their fundraising efforts.
  • This is also where you can download your Scout’s individual online sales report.
  • The tracking tool allows you to see how much is left of your Scout’s goal.

Pathway to Adventure Council has prizes starting at the $150 level and going all the way up to the $5,000 level where Scouts can choose between different prizes at each level depending on how much they have sold (see PTAC 2022 Popcorn Prize sheet). 

Pecatonica River Popcorn is also offering prizes in their Winner’s Circle Prize Program if a Scout sells $3,000 (see the prize selection on the back of the order form). A list of any Site Sale credits will be provided before the deadline to add to the Scout’s total, plus any online sales the Scout incurred.

Special PTAC Incentives are also being offered for the Chicago Wolves and the Chicago Blackhawks (See PTAC Incentives sheet on the back of the Answers To Objections At Point Of Sale sheet).

The Riverside Cub Scouts Pack 24 fundraising popcorn goal as a whole is set at $30,000 for the 2022 season. When broken down that is a very attainable goal of approximately $375 per individual Scout. The Pack Incentive if this goal is achieved would be Cubmaster George shaving his head at a Pack meeting in support of our very much accomplished popcorn selling Scouts!

Thanks again,
Your Popcorn Kernels

Jenny & Lee Hinson

2022 Pack 24 Kickoff Picnic

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We hope you’re all looking forward to the 2022 Kickoff Picnic! 

We’ll need some volunteers to help with set up, grilling, clean up, and a little activity supervision in between. 

Use the link below to RSVP and volunteer.


2022 Kickoff Picnic

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Have you missed us? We’ve missed you, too! Let’s get together to kick off a great Scouting season, starting with a picnic full of food, friends, and fun. We’ll need some volunteers to help with set up, clean up, and a little activity supervision in between. 

**********A volunteer sign-up link will be coming soon**********

When? Sunday, August 28th, 12 pm – 3:00 pm

Where?  Scout Cabin 417 Fairbank Rd.

Bring the family and invite friends—kindergarten through fifth grade—that are interested in joining the Pack. We’ll have burgers, hot dogs, desserts, and plenty of food all around, along with tug-o-war, rock/stick painting, and water bottle rockets!

Start saving your two-liter bottles and follow these instructions to build your own rocket to bring to the picnic (we’ll provide the launcher). Let’s see how high we can fly this year!

Cub Scout Adventure Days

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All Cub Scouts are invited to Adventure Days on Saturday, 9/17, and Saturday, 9/24. The Adventure Days are hosted by the Pathway to Adventure Council (our local Boy Scouts of America Council).

Activities available range from archery, pinewood derby races, STEM activities, and more!

Click here for details and registration.

Please note the 9/17 Adventure Day does overlap with our Pack camping trip to Warren Dunes.

2022 Independence Day Parade & Lemonade Stand

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Join Cub Scout Pack 24 and Boy Scout Troop 24 as we march in the Riverside Independence Day Parade and serve the best lemonade in town on Monday, July 4th!  Here’s what you need to know:


  • Scouts must be in Class A uniform: blue dress shirt and neckerchief (Cub Scout hat is optional).  If you did not receive your new neckerchief at the Advancement Ceremony in May, please reach out to your Den Leader to pick it up. There is still plenty of time to visit the La Grange Scout Shop for any additional uniform needs.
  • Parents & siblings are welcome to march with us; please wear your red, white & blue.
  • We are marching right behind the fire engines (#2 in line), so we will be serving as the color guard for the rest of the parade.  Line up begins at 8:15am close to the corner of Delaplaine & Longcommon, just north of the Big Ball Park.  
  • Parade begins at 8:45am, so don’t be late!
  • Scouts are welcome to bring their own bag of candy to share with people along the parade route.  The Village has asked us to tell everyone that throwing candy is not permitted, but handing out candy is fine.
  • For any adult or Scout without candy, we will be handing out flyers to boys and girls of Cub Scout age along the parade route inviting them to join Pack 24!
  • At the end of the parade, please meet your Cub Scout at the Pack 24 lemonade stand in Guthrie Park.

Lemonade Stand

The fresh-squeezed lemonade is always popular after a march through town!  This is a great fundraiser for Pack 24 and many people look forward to our delicious lemonade and friendly service!  

>>>Click here to sign up to help<<<

The Lemonade Stand gets very busy, so please plan to stay to stay & help.  Scouts will be using knives, juicers, and other equipment, so we will need everyone to pitch in to keep them safe and keep the line moving!

Parents: Please volunteer to help set up and/or clean up.  We will be bringing tables, tents and equipment over from RPC, so anybody who is able to help (especially if you have a minivan or vehicle with similar capacity) is greatly appreciated! The more volunteers we have, the quicker set up and clean up will be. We need you to make this event a success!

2022 Greene Valley Camping Trip

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Sign up is open for the early Summer camping trip to Greene Valley Forest Preserve in Naperville!

Greene Valley Camping Trip: Saturday, June 25th – Sunday, June 26th

Pack 24 Cub Scouts are traveling to Greene Valley Forest Preserve in Naperville for a tent camping trip. All Cub Scouts and their entire family are welcome to attend this outing.

Stay tuned for a volunteer sign-up sheet. We will need parents to help with the following:

Volunteers for Camp Activities – 2 adults for each

Flag Ceremony – Den that has most participants will perform flag ceremony

Skit Organization – 3 groups for skits (skits will be provided)

Songs at Campfire – lead songs after skit performance



8:00-8:45  Arrive and tent setup

9:15 Gather as a group for potluck, buffet style breakfast

10:30 Flag Ceremony

10:45 Introduction to Veteran who will teach flag folding and the “why”

12:00 Lunch – scouts will help prepare on a line

2:00 Scavenger Hunt Hike

3:30-5:00 Small groups for skit prep

5:00 Dinner – scouts will help prepare on a line

7:30 Songs & skits by the campfire


8:00 Buffet style – make your own fruit pizzas

10:00 Knots – learn and practice two styles of knots 

11:30 Breakdown camp

General Notes/Information:

Click here to print the consent waiver and health form that the BSA requires for each participant (youth and adults). Please provide hard copies to leader upon arrival, these will be returned to you at the end of the weekend (keep on-hand at home for future overnight camp outings).

We will send a packing list to registered families before the campout. While we will be providing plastic cups, paper plates/bowls, and plastic utensils, we ask you to bring your own water bottles and reusable mugs for hot drinks.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the cost?

A:  Scouts and siblings under 16 are $20 each, adults are $35 each. The entire family is welcome to attend.

Q: Where is it? 

A: The Youth Campground is a 23-mile drive from Riverside and is located on 79th Street, 0.5 mile west of Greene Road. Campsite numbers will be provided at a later time to those who register. 

Q:  What are the facilities like?

A:  The facilities at our campsite are rather rustic (no electricity, pit toilets only). Bring your own tent.  

Q:  What are we going to eat? 

A: Your registration includes the following meals, as well as water and coffee.  Please let us know if anyone in your family has food allergies.  If you/your family cannot eat the below meals, please make sure to pack your own.  

Saturday – Breakfast — potluck

Saturday – Lunch — pizza quesadillas & fruit skewers  (cooked on grill)

Saturday – Dinner —  chicken & vegetable skewers  (cooked on grill)

                                    Dessert foil cones (cooked over fire)

Sunday —  Naan fruit pizzas & breakfast sausage (cooked on grill)

All families in attendance are requested to bring a dish to pass for the below:

  1. breakfast-like item to pass for Saturday morning after tent set-up
  2. a side to go with dinner 

Here is the sign-up! If you are viewing this via email or cannot see the form on your mobile phone, please visit pack24riverside.org on a desktop to register.

Pack 24’s Summer Bike Ride

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WHO: All scouts and their families are welcome! 

WHAT: A summer bike ride on Salt Creek Trail, with a quick safety talk before we go! 

WHEN: Saturday, June 11, 3:00 to 4:30 p.m.  

WHERE: The event begins at Riverside’s Ames Elementary School parking lot, 86 Southcote Road.

THE ROUTE:  From Ames, we will ride together to 26th Street and to the Salt Creek Greenway Connector.  Once on Salt Creek, we will ride to Brezina Woods Grove 1, which is just east of LaGrange Road. Then, we’ll turn around and ride back to Ames. The total trip distance is just under 7 miles.  


  • All riders must wear a helmet for the duration of the ride. 
  • Since we will be riding on streets and crossing intersections, we require one parent to attend with every scout
  • Please be sure to check breaks and pump your tires before we start riding. We will have bike pumps at Ames for riders who need them but we recommend bikes are ‘ride ready’ before arriving 
  • Riders should wear closed-toed gym shoes if possible, please avoid clog styles like Crocs and sandals


  • Every rider should bring water and a snack to the ride
  • We recommend each Den appoints one parent to carry a small first aid kit for scrapes and scratches
  • Sunscreen 

Please RSVP and let us know if you are coming to nicolemladic@gmail.com

2022 Pack Hike May 28

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What: Spring Hike!

When: Saturday, May 28, 2 pm

WhereSwallow Cliff Woods – South. We will meet near the parking lot to hike as a Pack! 

Who: All Cub Scouts, Parents, and Siblings

Why: To enjoy the woods on a Spring day   

Cub Scout Six Essentials for Hiking Quick List

  1. First Aid Kit
  2. Water Bottle
  3. Flashlight
  4. Trail Food
  5. Sun Protection
  6. Whistle (packed away for emergencies only)

2022 Advancement Ceremony

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When: Tuesday, 5/10, 7pm-8pm

Where: Riverside Presbyterian Church (outside on the lawn)

What to Bring: Items to pass on to other Scouts and adult chairs

This Tuesday, 5/10 is our Advancement Ceremony. The weather will be beautiful, so we will be outside on the lawn of Riverside Presbyterian Church. Please come in full uniform and be sure to bring your neckerchief, slide, hat, handbook, and anything else you would like to pass on to another scout. A Scout is Thrifty!

Adults, please bring a chair to sit on. Scouts will sit on the ground with their Den.
We will be serving refreshments at the conclusion of the Ceremony.

Stay tuned for more information on next Tuesday’s Advancement Ceremony! Please note the following:

  • We need parent volunteers for our Pack’s summer events! We are hoping that each family will have a parent sign up for one of the slots on this sign up sheet.
  • All receipts from the 2021-2022 program year MUST be given to the Pack Treasurer at the Advancement Ceremony on Tuesday, May 10th. We are unable to reimburse any expenses for the 2021-2022 program year after that deadline.
  • Our Google Calendar is up and running again, so please check it out! We want you to join all the Scouting fun this summer!!!