Cub Scout Pack 24 FAQs

Where do I get an application for my Scout?

Applications are available online at

Note: For Lions and Tigers, if the parent/guardian does not live with the Scout, the parent/guardian must also complete an adult application. Those can be obtained from your Den Leader or downloaded here:

Is there a registration fee?

Yes, there are registration fees for new members that you will pay online when you register your child at These fees are prorated, so they will vary depending on when you join the Pack. The Pack also charges Pack dues for all members (both new and returning). These will be assessed each September. In September 2022 the dues will be $60 per Scout.

How do I know when events and meetings are happening?

Pack events are posted on the Google calendar located on this website. When you register and provide your email address, we’ll add you to our email distribution list. Those emails also publish to the Pack 24 website: You can also join the Pack’s Facebook page, which is a closed group:

Den events are announced by your child’s Den Leader. Most Den Leaders do this via email.

What’s the difference between a Den meeting and a Pack meeting?

A Den meeting is with your Scout’s specific grade. Scouts meet as Dens to complete requirements outlined in their Scout handbook by participating in various projects and activities.

When does the Pack meet?

Pack meetings are for all the Dens to gather for announcements and activities and sometimes even fun entertainment. The Pack typically meets the third Tuesday of every month at 7pm sharp at Riverside Presbyterian Church, 116 Barrypoint Rd. from September through May. Pack meetings typically last an hour.

When does my Scout’s Den meet?

Your Den Leader will set the Den meeting schedule and location. Typically, Dens also meet once a month. A parent or other supervising adult must be present for your Scout at each Den meeting.

Where do I buy my Scout’s uniform and handbook?

Scout uniforms and handbooks can be purchased at the Scout Shop in La Grange, 811 W. Hillgrove Ave. Let one of the employees at the Shop know you’re with Riverside Pack 24 and what grade your Scout is in and they’ll get you everything you need, from shirts to neckerchief to patches. Scout hats, belts and official pants are optional. After your Scout advances past their first year, neckerchiefs will be purchased for them by the Pack. We do try to have items passed down from older dens whenever possible.

How do I volunteer?

Early and often! Volunteers are always appreciated. Just tell a leader you want to pitch in and we’ll put you to work. Also, look for calls to volunteer via SignUp Genius in emails and on Pack 24 website posts. With no volunteers, there would be no Pack 24!

What is an Akela?

An Akela is you — a parent or other responsible adult that sees the Scout along on his/her journey.

How many outings does the Pack typically have in a season?

We tend to keep our Scouts busy! Typically, we have camping trips of all types, museum overnights, popcorn sales, Pinewood Derby, pancake breakfast, Wilmot tubing, service projects, Blue & Gold banquet and so much more. Outings are encouraged, but optional. They usually entail an additional fee, but often the Pack subsidizes the cost for the Scouts. We know everyone leads busy lives, but we promise you lots of fun and Scout bonding.

I have a suggestion for an outing. Who do I talk to about it?

Let any Leader know! Better yet, come share your input at one of our Pack Committee meetings — we meet every month on the 4th Tuesday at 7:00 pm via Zoom. Fresh faces are always welcome. Email us for access.

How long does the Scouting season last?

The official Scout season is from September through our last meeting in May. However, we do plan events over the summer, like the Fourth of July parade participation and lemonade stand, bike ride, BBQ, and more.