Zoo Overnight Update

imagesA few parents have asked some good questions about the Sleepover Safari at the Brookfield Zoo on October 25. 

Are we sleeping inside?

  • Yes -At the Discovery Center which is where many of the activities will take place.

Are moms separated into a different sleeping area?

  • No – The format is like the Adler / Field Museum outings where everyone in Pack 24 will be assigned to a general area of the building to sleep.  There will be some other groups participating in this event, and they will be assigned to other areas.

Will there be any beds or cots?

  • No – Bring pads or inflatable bedding as permitted by the zoo rules.

What is my scout’s Kamp Bux credit amount?

Why is the deadline September 23?

  • Because the Zoo requires us to make our full payment a month in advance of the outing.  Some venues are more flexible and therefore our registration lead time is shortened accordingly.

Since we started registration a few days ago, 16 spots or 23% of the 70 spaces we’ve reserved have been filled.  Click here to jump to the original post with even more details, or click here to register today.

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