Everything you need to know about Popcorn!

Trail's End LogoAt our Pack Meeting at the Scout Cabin, our Kernels Cyril Friend and Vince Pecis kicked off our 2013 popcorn campagin.  Its our most important fund raiser and permits us to reduce the costs for many of the activities that we do throughout the year.  For example, without the popcorn campaign, the cost for each family member to attend the Brookfield Zoo overnight would be $60 each instead of $25 for scouts.  These funds also permit us to run the January pinewood derby without any charge to the scouts.

We will continue our Kamp Bux program, so 10% of your scout’s popcorn sales* will be credited against the cost of selected Pack 24 overnights and campouts.  Last year several scouts attended either the Cobia submarine or Camp Duncan for no cost – after the application of their Kamp Bux credits.  So if your scout sells $200 worth of popcorn – he will earn a $20 credit towards out upcoming overnight to LEGOLAND!

How does it work?  IT’s as EASY AS 1-2-3!

  1. Go see your neighbors, family members and friends (again, and again)
  2. Fill out the order form
  3. Collect the payment; all checks should be payable to “Pack 24”

Order forms should be turned into your den leader by October 31 (Halloween).  Popcorn will delivered byNovember 16, just in time to enjoy with family members at Thanksgiving

In addition to the prizes from Trail’s End, there are additional incentives from the Des Plaines Valley Council and Pack 24.

  • New Pack 24 Class B T-ShirtEach scout that brings a take order sheet, with at least one sale on it, to our October pack meeting will get a brand new Pack 24 T-Shirt.  These are completely re-designed thanks to pack parent Stephen Snyder.  Check out the super cool new design!
  • Scouts that sell at least $350 of popcorn, will be be invited to a special pizza party to be held in either December or January with fun games.
  • Scouts that sell over $750 of popcorn will be able to do a pie-in-the face of any leader of their choice at our December pack meeting.
  • Our top five selling scouts will be receive one of the special pack 24 prizes which we displayed at the last pack meeting.  We’ll bring them to the October meeting so the scouts can drool over them again.

The Des Plaines Valley Council prizes are detailed on your order sheet and include a free admission to Enchanted Castle for scouts and their families that sell more than $600 of popcorn and an outing to the Schamburg Boomers minor league baseball team at $1000.  There are $350 gift cards for the top seller in the Voyager Trace District and a $250 for the top seller in the Council.

Participation in our site sales creates a credit towards these overall incentives.  You will receive an email to sign up for our site sales at Walgreens this week-end and a future date at Riverside Bank.

Email us at pack24riverside@gmail.com with any questions.  Thanks for your support!

* To reduce the administrative requirements of the Kamp Bux program, we will only track Kamp Bux for scouts that sell $50 or more of popcorn.

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