Cobia Registration Deadline is March 19

USS CobiaDon’t forget to register for our outing to the USS Cobia WWII submarine in April.  Due to the registration requirements of the museum, the deadline for families to commit to this outing is Tuesday, March 19.  We have a group of nearly 40 scouts and parents that are already signed up for this fun event.

  • Need more information on the outing?  Click here.
  • Ready to commit and pay the $50 per person?  Click here.

If you would like to take a school-aged sibling along – that’s fine, register them as an additional adult and just note the sibling’s name in the comments section of the registration form.

If you use Kamp Bux to pay for a portion of the outing, use the comments section to let us know if you would like to use PayPal or a check to pay for the additional cost of the outing.

Any other questions?  Email us at

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