Limited Space Remains for the Adler Overnight

Yes, the overnight on March 15 2013 is certainly a fairly long time from early now, so you may ask – why deal with this now?

The fine people at the Adler Planetarium have told us they expect their Astro Overnight will be completely sold out by the end of December.  Pack 24 has made a deposit which has assured us that we can take a group of 50 scouts, parents & siblings. 

After last week’s reminder we had a rush of registrations, and we currently have 23 spaces remaining.  Be sure to click here to register today to ensure you have a spot for your scout and grade school sibling.  Bring your payment to the December 11 Pack meeting (checks payable to Pack 24).  Email us at if you would like to use “Kamp Bux” that your scout earned from the popcorn drive.  You aren’t officially registered until your payment status is finalized.

If our group size exceeds 50, we will check with the Adler to try to get some additional spaces, but they won’t promise us anything.  Hope to hear from you soon.

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