2021 Popcorn Sales

Popcorn!  Popcorn!  Get your popcorn!  It’s time to get popping and time to sell those kernels!

If you did not receive your popcorn “packet” of information at the Scout cabin Pack meeting, please contact your Den Leader or Lindsay Truesdale, our Popcorn Kernel, at lindsayandalantruesdale@gmail.com.


Order Form/Traditional Sales
Call your family, call your friends, ask your neighbors. But please, do so SAFELY!  Each Scout should have received an order form and door hangers to be used for advertising and contactless ordering. This is a great safe alternative form of door-to-door sales. If you do door-to-door sales, please keep in mind the following tips:

Selling Tips
• Be Neat – always wear your uniform
• Be Prepared – know your products and what you are going to say
• Maintain Eye Contact – be confident
• Speak Loudly and Clearly
• Always Be Polite & Courteous
• Thank Everyone – even the people who don’t buy anything
• Keep Moving – the more people you approach and talk to, the more popcorn you will sell
• Keep Smiling
Safety Tips
• Buddy System – always have a buddy or adult with you when selling
• House Rules – politely decline to enter a stranger’s house unless an adult is with you
• Money Matters – keep checks and cash in a popcorn sale envelope with your name on it
• Road Rules – walk on the sidewalk whenever possible and always look both ways when crossing
the street
• Curfew – never sell after dark

Online Sales
Each Scout can set up an online site to sell popcorn. Note, the online products are different than the order form products. At their online site, Scouts can make a video with their sales pitch and make posts to Facebook and Twitter to advertise and get the word and mission out.  Be creative with your video! This is a great opportunity for Scouts to work on public speaking, creativity, and video editing skills!

If you need a seller ID for online sales or have questions, please email Lindsay Truesdale at lindsayandalantruesdale@gmail.com. You can also watch this online tutorial for setting up your online site:



Here is a link to information about the available prizes and levels: https://pathwaytoadventure.org/media/upload/prize%20Flyer.pdf

In addition, the Pathway to Adventure Council has the following incentives:

Any Scout that sells $750 will receive 2 tickets to the Chicago Wolves hockey game on January 9, 2022. Additional tickets will be available for purchase as we get closer to the event.

The top selling Pack and Troop will each receive a party package at either the Gary RailCats or the Schaumburg Boomers. Unit can select which team they wish to attend. Details will be made available once the 2022 schedules are made available by each team.

Any Scout that sells $1250 will receive 2 tickets to a Chicago Cubs or Chicago White Sox Game (Team TBD). Date will be
predetermined once the 2022 schedules come out. THERE WILL BE NO CHANGING OF DATES.

The top selling Scout in PTAC will receive a package consisting of: Flights for 4, hotel for 4, and tickets to 2 pre-season games for the Chicago Cubs or Chicago White Sox (Team TBD). Trip dates will be determined once the 2022 Spring Training schedule is determined. THERE IS NO DEVIATION FROM THE CONTENTS OF THE PRIZE PACKAGE.

Final Notes 

Popcorn sales are usually one of our most profitable fundraisers. We use the funds to subsidize all kinds of activities for scouts – including museum overnights, camping trips, and fun activities at pack meetings and den meetings. In addition, the funds we receive from popcorn sales help cover your scout’s National Registration fee and Boys’ Life subscription. Most other Packs pass these fees on to the parents/guardians. We only ask for you to pay the National Registration fee the first year.

While we have a short selling season, we can still have BIG goals.  When deadlines are shorter and closer we are less likely to put it on the back burner.  You don’t want that popcorn to burn, right!?  So get out today and start selling.  Call your family today.  Post your sale on Facebook today.  Don’t wait until tomorrow.  Today is the day.  Seize the moment and get popping!

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