Popcorn Orders Due 10/24/2020

As we near the end of popcorn sales I wanted to go over a few instructions and reminders.

Popcorn orders DUE this SATURDAY 10/24
Popcorn orders are due this Saturday October 24th. You will drop off your orders with the following people based on your den. Please contact the these individuals to determine where and when to drop off your orders.

LionsNatalie Wetzelowensnf@gmail.com
TigersNatalie Wetzelowensnf@gmail.com
WolfLindsay Truesdalepack24popcorn@gmail.com or 708-296-8400
BearCari Hermanncahermann01@hotmail.com
Webelos 1Lindsay Truesdalepack24popcorn@gmail.com or 708-296-8400
Webelos 2Rachel Schrierrachelschrier@hotmail.com
  1. Writing one check to Pack 24 is ideal to make things easier, but if you need to submit separate checks from various people and/or cash that is understandable.  If dropping off cash, please let the den leader or assigned collector know ahead of time so you can drop it off when someone is home just to be safe.
  2. Ideally, if you could submit your order form, checks, and cash in one manila envelope and then label the envelope with your child’s name, den/rank, and total amount of money raised that would make it a lot easier for me to organize and check thru items.   (e.g., Camden Truesdale Webelos 1 $540.)
  3. If for some reason you don’t get it to your den leader or assigned collector on Saturday, you can drop it off at my house Sunday morning at 124 Akenside Rd. Riverside.  

Online Orders

  1. Online orders will remain open after October 24th, so if you still have some people wanting to buy online with your scouts seller id that gives you a little extra time to get a few more orders!
  2. I am awaiting a response back from the council about that deadline for online orders.  As soon as I get that info I will pass it along to you all immediately.  

Popcorn Delivery

  1. Popcorn arrives to the council on November 7th. I plan on picking our orders up that day.
  2. It will take a couple days to organize all the orders, but expect to be able to pick up your order or have them delivered to you shortly after November 7th.
  3. I will send more info about popcorn delivery in the near future after I discuss logistics with den leaders and see what works best.

Odds and Ends

  1. If you have run out of spaces on your order form, I have more order forms that you can pick up from me at 124 Akenside.  Call or text me at 708-296-8400 to arrange a good time to stop by.  I’m at work during the day, but on Thursday my mother-in-law will be home with the kids and on Friday my husband Alan is working from home.  I will leave extras with them if you need to stop by then.
  2. If you need some more door hangers as you make some last sales I have a few extras, please feel free to reach out for more of those too.
  3. Good luck on the last few days of sales!

Best Wishes,

Lindsay Truesdale
Pack 24 Popcorn Kernel
124 Akenside Rd. Riverside

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