Blast into Scouting

BlastBannerWebPack 24 is part of the Pathway to Adventure Council, which is the BSA group which serves the entire greater Chicago area.  This year, the Council is organizing a fall recruiting event for our entire area which is being called “Blast into Scouting.”  This recruiting campaign will be airing on area radio stations, in some print magazines and (of course) social media.

The big deal for the Blast into Scouting recruitment campaign is that each scout that joins Pack 24 will be given a new rocket kit to take home to design and then launch at an area wide event on October 3.  Of course, since so many of our scouts join the pack due to friendships or other word-of-mouth, we will also give all of our existing scouts, that recruit-a-friend to join a rocket kit as well.

Thursday, September 10 is the key date for families in Riverside to learn more about Pack 24 and how to join.  Pack 24 leaders and representatives will be participating in the District 96 Curriculum night at Ames, Blythe & Hollwood on this date at 7pm.  Please tell friends and neighbors that you think may be interested in scouting to visit us at one of these in-school tables.

Check out the new Pack 24 Facebook page for additional details, and give us a “like.”  We also have information in the District 96 e-backpack that was sent out to families yesterday (Sept 2).


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