Reminders & Deadlines

The popcorn campaign is wrapping up this weekend – October 18 to be exact – so please go out to get those last few sales so your scout can earn his fabulous prize.

  • We are going to hold a raffle for all scouts that bring a popcorn form with at least one sale on it to the October Pack Meeting (Tuesday, October 14).  The raffle prizes include some fantastic toys,  but everyone that has been active will win something.  All new scouts that sold at least one item will also receive a new “Class B” uniform shirt (you know, the blue t-shirt with the cool design on the front).

The deadline to sign up for our two upcoming camping events is our next Pack Meeting (Tuesday, October 14) so we can get a firm head count and finalize logistics and meals.

  • Scout Cabin Campout – Saturday, October 18 – The weather forecast looks excellent – cool weather and minimal chance of rain.  The trees are changing color, so all the conditions are in alignment for a fantastic day at the Scout Cabin.  For more details on what we have planned, please click here.  Otherwise, click here to help with a specific job of minimal duration  and to let us know how many people from your family will attend.  School-aged siblings are welcomed.  To encourage maximum participation, the cost is a minimal $5 per person, and waived if you have signed up for the “Feed My Community Day” volunteering earlier in the day.
  • Eagle Cave – November 8 & 9 – Inside the cave, the temperature is a constant 54 degrees year-round, so the outside weather is of minimal concern.  Please join us for a trip to the largest onyx cave in Wisconsin.  Click here for a previous post which summarizes all of the fun, or just click here to register.

You can use Kamp Bux to cover the cost of either of these events.  Email us at with any questions.

Thanks & see you there.

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