Mark Your Calendars for October 18

October 18 is going to be busy for Pack 24 – here’s why:

  • Scout Cabin Camp Out in Riverside:  Pack 24 is continuing our tradition of a fall camp out at the Scout Cabin located on Fairbank road in southwest Riverside.  Its a great way for new scouts & families to get used to camping, and if the weather gets to be too much, you can drive home to sleep in your own bed.  The leaders are working on the details but we’ll get started in the afternoon and plan on the following activities:
    • Zip line
    • Scout crafts
    • Treasure hunt
    • Dinner
    • Camp fire with Scout Songs, Skits & S’mores
    • U.S. Flag retirement ceremony
    • Movie
    • Optional tent camping overnight
    • Breakfast & morning hike
  • Feed 6 Community Service:  Pack 24 will be one of the many community groups helping to package nutritious meals for those in need.  Pack 24 scouts can work at one of two shifts, and the event organizers have asked us to sign up as a group so they can reserve an area so we can work together as a group.  We will be using the signup genius to sign up our scouts, and then turn in our list of volunteers to the organizers.  The event will be at the North Riverside Village Commons and we are planning on the following two sifts.
    • 9:00 – 10:30 am
    • 1:00 – 2:30pm – FYI, The camp out will not officially begin until after the second shift, so don’t worry about missing out on anything if you support this noble cause.
    • As a further incentive, if your scout volunteers for this event, there will not be any charge for him to attend the camp out later in the day (camp out fee is TBD at this point).

As always, direct questions or comments to us at


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