Fourth of July Preparations

The weather forecast for the 4th of July looks great: sunny, upper 70’s with low humidity.  We have a lot of fun planned and hope you can join us.

US FlagMarching in the Parade:  Pack 24 is serving as a color guard at the front of the parade, so please click here to let us know if your scout will marching with us and keep the following in mind

  • Uniform – Class “A” is mandatory, including neckerchief and slide, and hat if  you have one.  Shorts / sandals are OK.
  • Arrive by 8:30am since the parade begins at 8:45am.  We are the third group to march, so look for the leaders north of the big ball park near the corners of Longcommon and Delaplaine.
  • Parents are welcome to march with the pack.  If you’re not marching with us, then pick up your scout after the parade at the Pack 24 lemonade stand in Guthrie Park (more on that below).
  • Feel free to give your scout a bag of candy (or two, or three) to hand out to kids along the parade route.  The pack isn’t going to supply any extra candy for scouts.

Lemonade ImageLemonade Stand:  Pack 24’s fresh-squeezed lemonade is the best, and always a huge hit at the party at Guthrie park (in downtown Riverside) that begins as soon as the parade ends.  A big thanks to the Lemonade Committee and chairperson Jennifer Baird coordinating all the logistics.  Both parents & scouts can volunteer, so click here to go to our online signup genius.  Here are some other details.

  • Squeezing lemons can be a lot of sticky fun, so feel free to switch your scout into a class “B” uniform (blue pack 24 t-shirt) if he marched in the parade.
  • Tell all your friends to visit us at booth 13!  It’s delicious and supports a good cause.

See you there!

Happy Birthday US of A!

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