Fourth of July Is Coming!

All scouts are welcome to join Pack 24 as we march in Riverside’s Independence Day parade and then serve fresh-squeezed lemonade at the party in Guthrie park thereafter.  Here’s what you need to know:

  • Parade:  Pack 24 traditionally serves as the color guard for the entire parade.  That means we are the first group after the fire truck vanguard.  Why do we get this honor?  Because we are cub scouts and so awesome.  All current pack 24 scouts are welcome to march with us – as long as they wear their full “Class A” uniform (you know… the formal shirt with the neck & slide).  Shorts are OK as long as they are consistent with the uniform.  We generally hand out candy to the kids as we march along, but all scouts have to bring their own supply of goodies.
  • Lemonade Stand:  The scouts always have gooey-sticky fun working to serve the best fresh-squeezed lemonade in all of Riverside.  The stand opens up as soon as the parade ends, so your scouts are free to join us in Guthrie park even if he marches with a different group.  We recommend that all scouts shift into their class B t-shirts for this event, because the t-shirts are much .  We’ll have a separate sign up going for this event soon, once we finalize our plans for separate shifts for setup, serving and clean-up.

Questions / comments / concerns?  As always, please email us at

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