TODAY is the Duncan Registration Deadline

Climbing WallToday (Friday, April 26) is the absolute deadline – to register for Camp Duncan, but you can do so by clicking here.  If for some reason you’re still undecided, here’s a top ten list of reasons to take your scout on this fantastic adventure.   Unlike Letterman, we can’t go from ten to one, but you can read the list in reverse if you’d like. 

Drumroll, please…

  1. Safety in numbers; over 25 scouts & family members have already registered.
  2. Its a good deal:  where elese can you get a day of activities, two hot meals, and campfire activities for such a low, low price?
  3. Its relatively close, basically an hour drive from Riverside, just enough time for the scouts to create something in Minecraft.
  4. Options galore! You can sleep in your own tent, or bunk in the rustic group cabins.
  5. Indoor plumbing, no need to use an outhouse.
  6. Patches – we don’t need no stinkin’ patches!   Wait – actually our scouts love them, and we’ll get one for eveyone that comes along
  7. Its both fun and educational.
  8. Did we mention that we’ll have s’mores at the campfire?
  9. You’ve had several weeks to register – so just do it already!
  10. Archery, boating, climbing – ’nuff said.



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