Special Surprise: December 13 Pack Meeting

Happy Thanksgiving Pack 24 Families!

Please mark your calendars for December 13, our next Pack Meeting, since we are planning a special surprise for the scouts.  Of course, we will have our traditional pie-in-the-face for our top popcorn sellers, and will also be previewing upcoming outings, but in addition, we will be welcoming some special visitors.

Who are they?  Glad you asked: the Animals for Awareness program for rescued animals.  Their volunteers are going to be bringing a lynx, fox, kinkajou, skunk, snake, tortise, parrot and alligator.  The program gives a backgound on each animal which and how it came to be rescued.  A special part of the program is that our the scouts to get up close and touch & pet some of the animals, under the very close supervision of the trained Animals for Awareness staffers. 

More information on this chartiable 503(c)(3) educational organization can be found on their website.  For those of you who are savvy users of social media, visit their Facebook page and give them a “like.”


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