Blue & Gold: What to Expect

The 2011 Blue & Gold Patch

The Blue & Gold Banquet is this Sunday, February 27 at 4pm.

All scouts and their families are asked to arrive at 3:45pm in order to check in and find their assigned seating.  Scouts should be dressed in their class “A” uniforms with neckerchief and slides; brag vests are fine if you have one.

We ask all younger scouts:  Tigers, Wolves, Bears and Webelos I to sit on the dance floor in front of the stage so we are ready to begin the ceremony promptly at 4pm.  Webelos II will form at the back of the stage to serve as the color guard.  Each separate rank will be called onto the stage, starting with the Tigers, in order to be recognized.  After a rank has been been on the stage, scouts will be dismissed to return to their parents at the tables, and the next rank will be called to come forward.

After all the younger scouts finished, Webelos II and their parents will be forward for the Arrow of Light ceremony.  After that, the Webelos II will be officially welcomed into the ranks of the Troop 24 Boy Scouts as part of the Cross Over ceremony.

Following the Cross Over, we will recognize outgoing Cub Scout leaders, and highlight a few upcoming activities.  Dinner is scheduled to be served at 5pm.

See you there!

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