Camp Duncan Check List


  • Tent (stakes, rain fly, poles)
  • Ground cloth
  • (skip the tent and ground cloth if you’re staying in a cabin)
  • Bed roll or sleeping bag
  • Swim suit and towel (for blobbing, boating, beach, swimming, etc.)

Personal items

  • Rain gear (poncho or equivalent)
  • Toiletries (including wash cloth, tissues)
  • Sunscreen (including something for your lips; they get burned too!)
  • Bug spray (won’t be necessary if it’s cool and windy)
  • Any food or drinks you require (Duncan is providing 3 meals: lunch, dinner, breakfast, plus beverages during the day)
  • Medicine or medical equipment

Fun Stuff

  • Binoculars
  • Camera (and film or batteries, depending on the type of camera)
  • Sports equipment (football, soccer ball, frisbee, etc. Bring just one)
  • Board game or deck of cards
  • Reading material
  • Lantern or flashlight
  • Batteries!
  • Fishing equipment (consider bringing along extra to share)

Comfort items

  • Pillow
  • Blankets
  • Baseball cap or hat
  • Warm cap for sleeping in your tent
  • Extra clothes (consider layers based on the weather forecast)
  • Windbreaker, sweatshirt, extra layers
  • Extra pair of shoes or boots
  • Camp chairs (I actually consider these essential)
  • Air mattress (and pump, with batteries)
  • Plastic grocery bags (good for wet or dirty clothes, trash, etc.)

What else do you like to bring on campouts? Send your suggestion via email to

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