2024 Independence Day Parade & Lemonade Stand

Join Cub Scout Pack 24 and Scouts BSA Troop 24 as we march in the Riverside Independence Day Parade and serve the best lemonade in town on Thursday, July 4th!  Here’s what you need to know:


  • Scouts must be in Class A uniform: blue dress shirt and neckerchief (Cub Scout hat is optional).  If you did not receive your new neckerchief at the Advancement Ceremony in May, please reach out to your Den Leader to pick it up.
  • Parents & siblings are welcome to march with us; please wear your red, white & blue.
  • We are marching right behind the fire engines (#2 in line), so we will be serving as the color guard for the rest of the parade.  Line up begins at 8:15am close to the corner of Delaplaine & Longcommon, just north of the Big Ball Park.  
  • Parade begins at 8:45am, so don’t be late!
  • Scouts are welcome to bring their own bag of candy to share with people along the parade route.  The Village has asked us to tell everyone that throwing candy is not permitted, but handing out candy is fine.
  • For any adult or Scout without candy, we will be handing out flyers to boys and girls of Cub Scout age along the parade route inviting them to join Pack 24!
  • At the end of the parade, please meet your Cub Scout at the Pack 24 lemonade stand in Guthrie Park.

Lemonade Stand

The fresh-squeezed lemonade is always popular after a march through town!  This is a great fundraiser for Pack 24 and many people look forward to our delicious lemonade and friendly service!  

>>>Click here to sign up to help<<<

The Lemonade Stand gets very busy, so please plan to stay to stay & help.  Scouts will be using knives, juicers, and other equipment, so we will need everyone to pitch in to keep them safe and keep the line moving! Please note that while Scouts may march in the parade without a parent accompanying them, all Scouts must have a parent present with them during their lemonade shift.

Parents: Please volunteer to help set up and/or clean up.  We will be bringing tables, tents and equipment over from RPC, so anybody who is able to help (especially if you have a minivan or vehicle with similar capacity) is greatly appreciated! The more volunteers we have, the quicker set up and clean up will be. We need you to make this event a success!

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