2022 November Pack Meeting

When: Tuesday, 11/15 7 pm

Where: Riverside Presbyterian Church, 116 Barrypoint Rd

Who: All Cub Scouts and their Parents

It’s a Popcorn Party!

We will be celebrating the hard work the Scouts have done in having our best popcorn season ever!

We will be passing out all popcorn prizes to the Scouts who earned them. Also, the Pack achieved the goal of selling $30k of popcorn, so the top seller from each den will be shearing the sheep . . . er. . . I mean cutting all the hair off our Cubmaster!

A few additional reminders:

-The Zoo Tree Trim is TODAY (Saturday, 11/12). Click here for details.

-Please be on the lookout for an email from your popcorn kernel, Jenny Hinson from Lotitero1@aol.com, in regards to picking up your popcorn order this weekend! If you don’t receive an email this weekend from her please check your spam. ALL popcorn orders need to be picked up before THANKSGIVING!

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