2022 Pinewood Derby Reminders

Dear Scouts and Parents,

The pinewood derby is this Saturday, January 29, in the gym at Riverside Presbyterian Church. Entrance to the gym will be through the stairwell door on the southeast corner of the church complex (the same as in past years).

Here are some last minute reminders:

Just like with school and anything else please be considerate of everyone’s health and observe COVID-19 public health guidelines related to symptoms and quarantine. Masks will be worn at all times in the building. Check-in and racing this year is designed to allow scouts and their families to spread out as much as possible.

If you can not be present to race your car on Saturday for any reason you can come and check your car in early on Friday evening between 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm in the RPC gym. You are also welcome to send the car with someone else to check in if necessary. Only scouts who are present on Saturday will be able to vote for car design awards.

Be on time! Each den will begin immediately with car check-in at the assigned time. It is important not to be late so that we can stay on schedule.
10:00 AM, Lion Den
11:00 AM, Tiger Den
12:00 PM, Wolf Den
2:00 PM, Bear Den
3:00 PM, Webelo 1 Den
4:00 PM, Webelo 2 Den

Have your car ready to roll! There will be time to make small adjustments to weight if necessary, and maybe to add graphite to axles but that is it. You will want your car to be ready when you arrive.

Make sure your car fits within the maximum dimensions. If you didn’t build up or out from the block provided you will be well within the dimensions. If you aren’t sure, get out a ruler and check.

Maximum width: 2.75 inches

Maximum length: 7.00 inches

Maximum height: 6.00 inches

Minimum width between wheels: 1.75 inches

Bottom clearance between car and track: 0.38 inch

Make sure your car is not over the maximum weight of 5.0 ounces. A kitchen scale or even the scale at the grocery store can help get you close. We have new calibrated scales this year which weigh very accurately. We will have some supplies on hand to add or remove small amounts of weight, but if being very close to five ounces is important to you, you should come on time and with a plan to make adjustments quickly.

Your race number is the number printed with your name on the sticker on the outside of your Pinewood Derby Car kit. Use the stickers inside your race kit to put your number on the back of your car. Also, write your name on the bottom of your car. If you don’t have the numbers you need, don’t worry. There will be extras at the race. Bring your extras along for your fellow scouts if they need them.

Have any questions? You can e-mail them to fr.luke.wetzel@gmail.com.

It’s almost race time! See you on Saturday!

Luke Wetzel
2022 Pinewood Derby Coordinator

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