It’s Popcorn Time! Sign up for Site Sales!

At our Pack Meeting on Tuesday, 9/12 our awesome Popcorn Kernels will be kicking off our 2017 Popcorn campaign.  It’s our most important fund raiser and permits us to reduce the costs for many of the activities that we do throughout the year.

We will continue our Kamp Bux program, so 10% of your scout’s popcorn sales will be credited against the cost of selected Pack 24 overnights and campouts.  Last year several scouts attended several outings for no cost – after the application of their Kamp Bux credits.  So if your scout sells $200 worth of popcorn – he will earn a $20 credit!

As always, the Pathway to Adventure Council is offering lots of cool prizes and incentives.  Your will learn more about this at the pack meeting!

How does it work?

  1. Come to the Pack Meeting on Tuesday, 9/12 at 7PM to get your order forms and hear about the exciting prizes offered this year!  If you can’t make the meeting, reach out to your Den leaders who will have additional forms.  You can also download the new sales app on your phone or tablet!
  2. Go see your neighbors, family members and friends. Fill out the order form and collect payment.  All Checks should be payable to Pack 24.
  3. Sign up for our site sales!  We have four weekends coming up at various locations and each scout gets credit towards their total sales for each hour worked.  Here is the signup genius: 

To make sure that each Scout can find a site sale shift that works for them, we are asking each Scout to only sign up for one shift per weekend.  As the date gets closer, we will be sending out the signup again to fill in extra shifts.  We want every Scout to have a chance to get out there and earn some credit!

Email us at with any questions.  Thanks for your support!

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