Pack Meeting – December 9

Our next pack meeting is this Tuesday, December 9 at 7pm in the RPC Social Hall.  Here’s what we have planned.

Pinewood Derby Cars from 2010
Pinewood Derby Cars from 2010
  • Pinewood Derby
    • Pinewood Derby is net month, January 24 to be exact, but cars will be distributed at this meeting so everyone has ample time to craft their masterpiece.
    • To give new scouts design ideas for cars, please encourage your scout to bring a pinewood car from a past derby.  We’ll put all the cars on display at the beginning of the meeting.
    • We’ll cover the rules (available here:  Pinewood Derby Rules for Pack 24) and we’ll break out for a parent workshop to answer any car crafting questions.
    • We’ll continue with awards for the best designs by age category, the categories are the same as last year and include:
      • Funniest
      • Most Creative
      • Scout-Inspired
      • Fastest-Looking
      • Coolest
  • Pie-in-the-facePopcorn
    • Prizes are here and will be distributed to scouts by their den leaders at the meeting.
    • We’ll also recognize the sellers that sold over $600 each
    • At the end of the meeting, the very top sellers will be able to do a pie-in-the-face to the pack leader of their choice.
  • We have a few other items to cover such as scout awards and potential outing to Blue Man Group in February, see you on Tuesday.

TL, DR:  Bring an old pinewood derby car to show off to the new scouts!

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