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It’s almost the end of the school year, and your family probably has a lot going on right now so August 8-10 seem like a long time away.  However, don’t forget that Airfest registration closes in a week (June  7) so don’t delay any longer in registering for this summer camporee; click here to register online.  The cost is $35 per person and is open to all scouts, parents, akelyas & siblings.  The fee includes all of the events and programs listed below, space to camp overnight, and meals on Friday night, Saturday morning and Saturday lunch.

If you’re unsure of what is going on – we have just received a detailed summary of all the events.

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Kites and 180 GO:  The performance kiting team, 180 GO; will be flying high at AirFest 2014. This performance kite team dazzles the audience with arial stunts and synchronized quad-flying maneuvers. The 180 GO team hails mostly from the greater Chicagoland area, and are members of the Illinois Kite Enthusiasts. The 180 GO team will deliver an audio presentation on the history and science of kiting. Be sure to visit the web site for more about the team. Let’s hope for a WINDY day.

Northern Aces Show Team:  All of the NAST aircraft are radio controlled, and range in size from small electric planes, to giant scale aircraft. They also fly a variety of unique novelty aircraft. In addition to flying acts, they also have computerized flight simulators available for scouters to enjoy prior to the show. Their accomplished pilots come from all over Wisconsin. They have a combined radio control experience of over 300 years and have been performing for 25 years!

Illinois Department of Aviation:  Visit the IDOT – Aviation will be visiting with the state helicopter!! You can stop by and check out the helicopter and visit with the staff. They will be available to talk about aviation in our state as well as the rules and regulations of flying in Illinois. They will also have “giveaways”!!

Live Entertainment on Saturday Night:  You won’t want to miss the Funky Circus Band on the main stage on Saturday evening. After a day filled with exciting activities and learning, you’ll want to bring your camp chair and a snack, kick back and enjoy this VERY energetic live band!

Northern Illinois Military Vehicle Preservation Association – Touch-A-Truck:  Owners of all makes and models of decommissioned military vehicles will welcome you to visit their display of vehicles and sit in the same seats that war heroes from World War II, Vietnam, Korea and other theaters have sat in. Bring your camera!!!

Rockets Program:  This is a program area you won’t want to miss! Scouts will learn how to create and lunch paper rockets, stomp rockets, film canister rocket AND…Estes Rockets!!! The Estes Rocket Company will have representatives on site to engage scouts in the miracle of rocket flying. As

Hot Air Balloons:  Take time to visit each of the four amazing hot air balloons brought to us by the Balloon Federation of America.  Balloons will be inflated on Friday evening and again on Saturday morning and evening. Be sure to stop by to check out the basket and inflation apparatus as well as to have your picture taken in the basket!
Boeing 737 Tour and Cockpit Visit:  Located on the ramp of the Lewis University Aviation Building, this former United Airlines B-737 will be open for tours! Come have a seat in “coach” and imagine flying off to the destination of your choice. Be sure to visit the cockpit, sit down and try to figure out what all the dials and switches control! Now grab the yoke, turn around and say cheese for the camera!!!
Discovery Flights:  The miracle of flight will be experienced first-hand by many scouters this weekend. Scouters who have been awarded a Discovery Flight certificate by their unit will embark on a 30 minute flight over the AirFest and surrounding area! Scouts who miss out on this opportunity today can always visit one of the local Experimental Aircraft Association chapters for a FREE flight experience.

Keynote Speaker – Ravi the Aviator!:  After a busy day of programming, all scouts and scouters will be invited to come to the main stage area to hear the “You Can Do It!” program from Ravi the Aviator. Ravi will inspire and motivate you through his presentation to follow your dreams. He will also share the amazing journey he has been on in his young life and his passion for learning to fly! Ravi is also a former guitarist of the band Hanson.

Mercury Capsule Exhibit:  Space enthusiast Matt Hissam will share his scale model for the Mercury Capsule with everyone. Scouts will be able to climb into the capsule, sit down and take in a view of earth from space through one of the several monitors.  Matt will have lots of information available about the Mercury Mission and Space Exploration!

Tug-A-Plane!  This is not your typical game of tug-a-war! Very few scouts have ever had the opportunity to line their unit up against  a 35,000 pound Citation jet!! Eat your Wheaties in the morning and then bring your muscle to this amazingly cool program event. PULL!!!!

Amateur Radio Operator Stations:  There will be three HAM radio stations spread out across the event grounds. Scouts can stop by one of the stations and have a chat with other HAM operators from around the world! Learn about the different types of radio communication. The HAM stations will also be the “Lost Scout” locations.

 Northern Tier – Scouting High Adventure Camp  Northern Tier is the Boy Scouts of America’s gateway to adventure in the Great Northwood’s. In the summer, scouts from Northern Tier’s three wilderness canoe bases explore millions of acres of pristine lakes, meandering rivers, dense forests and wetlands in Northern Minnesota, Northwest Ontario and Northeast Manitoba. Stop by and plan your trip!

Federal Aviation Administration  The FAA will have staffers on hand to talk to scouts about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. They will share the programs that are available for scouts to participate in in order to learn more about careers and hobbies in the field of aviation.

Static Aircraft Display  Walk on over to the west side of the main terminal ramp and visit with the pilots/owners of a wide variety of different airplanes. From tail-draggers made from dope and fabric to gyro-copters, to bi-planes, helicopters and corporate jets it will all be there for you to enjoy! We will have War Birds that are from World War II, Vietnam and Korea! There will even be an airplane there that looks much like a flying lawn chair!!!

Medinah Shriner Aviators This youth and service oriented organization has all the bases covered! The Medinah Aviators will have a Piper airplane on site for scouts to sit in and learn about. They will have fun activities available for scouts to enjoy. Bring your camera to this program area!

Lewis School of Aviation  The Lewis University School of Aviation will be presenting Aviation Merit Badge requirements. The school has a flight simulation room, instrument panels, and engines in various stages of construction and classrooms for other hands on requirements. Read your Aviation book and bring your blue card. Crowded at the Aviation School? Then head over to the Civil Air Patrol for Aviation Merit Badge requirements 1a,b,c,d,e,2e and 3b.

The Lewis University Science Departments  The Lewis University Biology, Chemistry and Physics Departments have invited scouts to have fun with science. Really, science can be fun? Yes it can, if the experiments call for eggs, alka-seltzer, hearts, and eyeballs and of course a heavy dose of scouts. Now that sounds like an interesting combination, all monitored by university staff and student volunteers. Scouts can attend any or all three science labs.

Aerospace Education with the Civil Air Patrol  The Civil Air Patrol is a U.S. Government chartered youth organization, charged to respond to disasters, participate and aid with search and rescue missions, and provide community aerospace education. The Lewis Squadron has requited help from area squadrons, and they are ready to teach cub scouts to build junk rockets, paper helicopters and gliders. They are also offering the following Aviation Merit Badge requirements 1a, b, c, d, e, 2e, and 3b…

The National Weather Station at Lewis Airport  The meteorologists at the National Weather Station will be assisting Air Fest staff with Cub Scout weather belt Loop, Cub Scout weather pin and Boy Scout weather merit badge requirements. Boy scouts will need a blue card (signed by your Scoutmaster), and don’t lose it! Boy Scouts should study the Weather Merit Badge book, specifically the portions referencing the following requirements. Scouts should be ready to discuss these requirements. Blue cards will be signed off by Merit Badge councilors or their designees. Completing all the requirements will take about 2 hours.

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