DEADLINE for the Bulls / Sox Outing

Bulls-Sox-Academy LogoRegistration for our outing to the Bulls / Sox Academy outing ends TODAY (Friday, March 14).  We are planning a lot of fun group games and activities, so hope you can join it.  Some of the highlights will include:

  • Interactive “Excergaming” in the VAULT.
  • Team games such as tug-of-war, steal-the-bacon, relay races and capture-the-flag
  • Late night snacks and a movie
  • Click here for more details

You have the option to pitch a tent and sleep inside the facility, or just bring some sleeping bags to find a quiet area.  Of course, you are not obligated to sleep overnight, and the drive is only about 1/2 hour.

Click here to register as soon as possible.  We hope to see you there!

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