The Washington DC Trip is a GO!

DC ImageLast week, we determined there was sufficient interest to move forward with the proposed Pack 24 trip to Washington DC in late April, 2014. 

Note that District 96 is unlikely to schedule an instructional make-up day in April, so this trip is based around a three day weekend; leaving late Friday on the 25th and returning late Monday the 28th.  For additional details regarding the proposed itinerary and estimated costs, please see this previous post.  A few other specific points for your consideration.

  • If your family is definitely going to attend or has a high degree of interest, please fill out this form to help with organization.
  • Each family will make its own travel arrangements, although the good folks at Blueprint Tours have suggestions for flights and have made a group reservation at a DC Hotel.  Each family will also need to plan on covering its own out-of-pocket costs for meals, local transportation and any other sundry expenses.
  • Families are welcome to participate in all planned activities on the trip or just some of them.
  • The trip is open to all pack 24 families, even the Webelos II scouts that will soon cross-over to the ranks of Troop 24 Boy Scouts.  Siblings and other family (i.e. grandparents) are also welcome to participate.

Pack 24 is very appreciative that the Pipal family has helped organize this trip and planned an itinerary.  They are not charging the Pack for their services.  If you have any further questions, email us at or Blueprint

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