Popcorn Information

We kicked off our popcorn campaign at our Pack meeting on Tuesday (Sept 11).  This effort is our largest fund-raiser of the year and helps us cover the expenses of many of our activities and events such as Pinewood Derby and Summer Picnic which were provided at no charge to Pack 24 families.

We ask for the support of every Pack 24 family to ensure the 2012 campaign is a success.  We’ve provided additional incentives for your scout such as additional prizes for top sellers, pizza parties for the top dens, and of course, pie-in-the-face for scouts that sell more than $600 of popcorn.  As an additional incentive, this year, scouts will earn “Kamp Bux” equal to 10% of their popcorn sales to be used for fun events such as camping and overnights.

Scouts can sell popcorn with “take orders” in which he will sell popcorn directly to friends, neighbors and families; these forms were distributed at the pack meeting.  If you didn’t attend the pack meeting, let your den leader know, and one will be available customers to make all checks payable to “Pack 24 Cub Scouts.”

Scouts can also receive credit for popcorn sales by participating in our site sales where we sell popcorn outside of local grocers.  Total site sales are divided by scout shifts worked to determine the dollar credit each scout will earn.  Last year, each hour scout shift resulted in a sales credit of approximately $30 per scout.

A couple of notes about site sales.

  • All scouts should wear full class “A” uniforms, and brag vest, if you have one
  • Arrive for your shift at least ten minutes before it starts
  • All akeylas should stay with their scouts for their full shift(s)
  • Please remember to politely ask patrons if they will “Support local scouting by buying our delicious popcorn.
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