Updated Pancake Breakfast Schedule

Hello Pack 24 Scouts & Akeylas, we’ve made a few final tweaks to the schedule, which is published below.  Thanks for all the scouts that have registered to help us with this important fund-raiser. 

Please remember to arrive a few minutes before your shift officially begins in order to understand your assignments.  All scouts should wear their “Class A” uniforms with neckercheif and slide.  Parents should be on hand to help if possible or enjoy some pancakes during the shift your son is working. 

If you can’t make the shift that you have registered for, please let your den leader know immediately.

Scout Rank First Last Name Time Slot (s) Notes & Comments
Webelos I E Perry 7:20-8:00  
Webelos I M Lanigan 7:20-8:00  
Webelos I J Lanigan 7:20-8:00  
Webelos I R Gaynor 7:20-8:00  
Webelos I Z Gaynor 7:20-8:00 Tiger in disguise
Webelos I C Stack 8:00-8:45  
Webelos I M Ryan 8:00-8:45  
Webelos I N Komperda 8:00-8:45  
Webelos I M Brand 8:00-8:45  
Webelos I M Consolo 8:00-8:45  
Bear L Stack 8:45-9:30  
Bear Z Ozga 8:45-9:30  
Bear Z Cameron 8:45-9:30  
Bear T Briolat 8:45-9:30  
Bear O Connelly 8:45-9:30  
Bear N Hutchings 9:30-10:15  
Bear R Nessinger 9:30-10:15  
Bear T Jerz 9:30-10:15 Tiger in disguise
Bear J Jerz 9:30-10:15  
Bear A Cochran 9:30-10:15  
Bear H Adami 9:30-10:15  
Bear T Pipal 9:30-10:15  
Wolf M Costello 10:15-11:00  
Wolf D Williams 10:15-11:00  
Bear C Staubus 10:15-11:00  
Wolf C Lukas 10:15-11:00  
Bear C Gmitro 10:15-11:00  
Wolf R Georgopulos 10:15-11:00  
Wolf C Lukas 11:00-11:45 Double Shift
Wolf D Mantel 11:00-11:45 Change from 10:15
Wolf G Pacourek 11:00-11:45  
Wolf J Murphy 11:00-11:45  
Wolf N Kinnan 11:00-11:45  
Wolf C Friend 11:45-12:30 Bear in disguise
Wolf J Murphy 11:45-12:30 Double Shift
Wolf N Kinnan 11:45-12:30 Double Shift
Wolf M Cubas 11:45-12:30  
Wolf Z Hosek 12:30-1:15  
Wolf M Cubas 12:30-1:15 Double Shift
Wolf S Sanduski 12:30-1:15  
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