Spring Campout: How to Prepare

Scouts + Tanks = Fun!

Registration for the Spring Campout at Cantigny Park in Wheaton, IL (May 6-7) is now closed.  It looks like we will have a great turnout, 36 scouts from 27 families are going to attend; this represents more than half the pack!  The following families still need to bring their payments ($10 per person) to Assistant Cubmaster Jim Jerz (36 Forest Avenue):  Archer, Cowell, Gaynor, Georgopoulos, Gmitro, Layng, Mathews and Soria.

Last year, Cubmaster Chris Hajer put together a very good checklist of what to bring to the Cantigny campout, click here to check it out.  Here are a few highlights –

  • Water bottles:  The water supply at Cantigny is reported to be questionable.  The pack leaders will haul out several large drinking water containers, however be sure to bring a metal/plastic bottle for each camper.
  • Flashlights:  Disposable are good, since these tend to get lost, mixed-up or broken.  Check batteries before you leave home.  The head mounted version is great for working in the dark.
  • An empty 1 or 2 liter plastic soda bottle:  Wolf Leader Gregg Briolat is going to be our Master Water Rocketeer on Saturday afternoon.  We will have construction materials on hand so scouts can engineer their own rocket creations when we are at Cantigny.  However, you are welcome to make a rocket in advance of coming out to Cantigny, and here is last year’s “how-to” link to rocket construction.
  • Your den leaders may ask you to bring something along to help with the meals that will be served:  Tigers are doing Friday night Pizza, Wolves have Friday night s’mores, Webelos I have Saturday morning breakfast, and Bears are responsible for lunch on Saturday.
  • Rain gear:  The weather forecast looks good for the campout, lower 60’s and partially sunny.  We will be fine-tuning our plans as we move into the week and have recommendations for what to bring based on the current conditions.

Check-in and setup can begin as early as 4:00pm on Friday afternoon (May 6).  We are planning on our opening flag ceremony for 5:30pm on Friday, so if you are going to arrive late, please let your den leader know your details so we can make the appropriate arrangements for dinner.  Be aware that the park locks its gate at approximately 9pm and then re-opens at 9am the following morning.

Old Glory

We are very happy to welcome the Troop 24 Boy Scouts on Friday night for a demonstration on how to build a campfire, fire safety and also a retirement of United States flags.  Did you know that the Boy Scouts of America are one of the only two civilian organizations that are authorized by Congress to retire US flags?  The other one is the VFW.

If you have any questions, please ask your den leaders or send an  email to jiminov1@gmail.com.


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