Summer Camp Early Bird Deadline 2/26

Summer CampIn December the Des Plaines Valley Council sent a representative to our pack meeting to share information about the two most popular summer camps: Weekend in Illinois and Camp Shin Go Beek. The deadline for early bird sign-up is Saturday February 26.

We are trying this year to coordinate all the Pack 24 scouts on the same date at each of the camps. We’ve settled on the following dates for each camp keeping in mind summer school and baseball schedules.

  • Camp Shin Go Beek: June 26-29, 2011
  • Weekend in Illinois: July 9, 2011

The attached fliers have many other date possibilities as well and you’re welcome to choose whichever date fits best with your schedule. However, if you want the best chance of camping with other Pack 24 scouts, please consider camping with us on the above dates.

Remember: registration is due by Saturday February 26, 2011 to take advantage of the $25 early bird discount.

Information and forms you can use:
Shin Go Beek (June 26-29)
Weekend In Illinois (July 9)
Cub Scout Discount Coupons

If you’d like to hear from someone who attended these camps in the past, please contact us and we’ll have someone get right back to you with all the details.

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