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Winter in Appalachia
Winter in Appalachia
Happy Thanksgiving. I hope everyone had a peaceful and restful break from school.

In years past, we’ve collected and donated various items for families in Appalachia who can really use some help. Here is a list of items they’re looking for this year:

  1. Boy’s coats size 8-14
  2. Men’s coats all sizes but small
  3. Women’s coats all sizes
  4. Size 1 New Balance shoes for special needs child
  5. Underwear of all sizes both genders
  6. Socks of adult sizes both genders
  7. Adult purses
  8. Athletic items
  9. Beauty supplies
  10. Children’s stocking/backpack/purse stuffers ($1 or less)

In addition to these items, in the past we’ve donated halloween candy, new toys (not battery-powered), books, pajamas and other items of clothing. The primary focus of the donations is adult-sized children.

If you’d like to donate to these families, please gather your items and drop them off at Riverside Brookfield High School (new entrance), and mark the items “Simone Christmas.” The volunteers will be leaving on their trip December 11, so please deliver your items to RBHS by Wednesday December 8.

If you’d like more information about the project or the participants, or need assistance getting the items to RB before Wednesday December 8, please send me an email: .

Thank you very much

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