Popcorn Sales are Due October 31

Trail's End Popcorn Logo
Trail's End Popcorn Logo
Great job everyone on your popcorn sales so far this year. There are only a few days left until your orders and payment need to be turned in to your den leader.

It’s not too late to pump up your sales a little bit. Many people who have already purchased from you are willing to buy again. You can also contact friends and relatives who don’t live nearby and have them order from you online. You can set up or log in to your account at Trails-End.com.

Here are some things to remember:

  • Be sure to record $20 for each shift worked at a Show and Sell. Put the total number of shifts worked, times $20, on one line (not one line for each shift worked: one line total for all shifts.) If you don’t know how many shifts you worked, please or use the contact form and I will confirm the number of shifts for you.
  • If you have online sales, be sure to record the online total on one line as well.
  • Make a copy of your order form before you hand it in to your den leader (just in case. We can normally return all the order forms with the popcorn, but having a backup copy never hurts.)
  • Turn in your order form and payment to your den leader before October 31. Your den leader will need to have all the forms in to The Kernel on Halloween.
  • Den leaders will pick up the popcorn at RPC on Saturday November 20 in the morning. You should be able to pick up the popcorn from your den leader on the 20th as well, but coordinate with your den leader to be sure.
  • DEN LEADERS: check all the forms for accuracy before turning them in to The Kernel on October 31.

How about some prizes?

  • Any scout who sells at least one item will receive a patch
  • There are prizes from Trail’s End for reaching $250, $350, $450, $650, $850, $1100, $1300, $1800 and $2300
  • If you hit $600, you earn a marshmallow crossbow, in addition the the prizes above
  • In addition to the marshmallow crossbow, you ALSO get a pizza party for you and your family at Haunted Trails or Enchanted Castle
  • So, at $600, you get a patch, a prize of your choice, a crossbow AND a pizza party!
  • If you hit $1500, there’s a bonus $50 gift card for you
  • And if you hit $2500, Trail’s End will set up a scholarship for you
  • If you fill up all the lines on a sheet, there’s an extra “I Filled it Up” patch
  • Last but not least, with $650 in sales, you get to toss a pie in the face of the leader of your choice, at our December Pack meeting

Classic Pie in the Face image
Classic Pie in the Face
At our October Pack meeting, The Kernel mentioned that he’s been popcorn chair for nine years, and he’d like to have at least nine scouts, one for every year, be eligible to toss a pie in the face. I think we only need three more scouts to reach the $650 level. If you’re close, why not take another crack at it and earn some more prizes and the opportunity to toss a pie in the face of a leader?

So, get your paperwork in order and over to your den leader before October 31, so your den leader can get it over to The Kernel on Halloween.

Thank you for supporting scouting and making this the best popcorn fundraiser ever for Pack 24.

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