Popcorn FAQ

I’ve gotten a couple questions regarding popcorn and figured I would address them here for anyone who hasn’t done the popcorn sales before or missed the Pack meeting.

What’s the difference between Show and Sell and Take Order?
  1. Show and Sell is two special days (actually three this year: 9/25, 9/26, 10/2) where we set up in front of local merchants for the morning and ask people to support scouting by buying some popcorn. In fact, that’s pretty much the pitch: “Would you like to support scouting by buying some popcorn?”
  2. The Take Order requires an order form. You can take orders from your neighbors, friends, family, co-workers, etc. Your scout will be in uniform with his order form (and a pencil) and will go door to door with an Akela. Many people look forward to this time of year for buying popcorn and they really like to support scouting.
How does Show and Sell work?
  • Sign up for a time and location.
  • Show up in uniform.
  • Check in with the location captain (one of the pack leaders) to see where they need you.
  • It’s important not to harass patrons of our local businesses.
  • Don’t block the entrances.
  • Don’t dial 911 on the pay phone (this has happened.)
  • Be safe and be conscious of auto traffic (at Riverside Foods and Jewel especially.)
  • Be prepared to have older gentlemen recall fondly their scouting days before they donate a couple bucks to you. I can’t tell you how many Eagle Scouts I met while manning the Show and Sell table over the years.
  • Scouts who work the Show and Sell will receive a credit for a portion of the popcorn sales, to use on their order form toward their prize goal. So, if Show and Sell orders totaled $1000 and scouts worked a total of 50 shifts, each shift worked would receive $20 credit for their order form. If your scout worked 4 shifts, he would receive $80 credit to add to his order form. These numbers are fictional.
How does Take Order work?
  • Get in uniform.
  • Grab your order form (if you don’t have one, contact Chris Hajer, Bruce Robertson or your den leader) and a pencil. A pencil is good when it’s cold out (and pens stop working.)
  • Select your area. This is typically your block or your neighbors. You might want to split the area up onto different days.
  • Go with an Akela (or get an Akela’s permission to go.)
  • Knock on some doors or ring some doorbells. You can use the same approach as we do at the Show and Sell: “Would you like to support scouting by buying some popcorn?” If not, be sure to say “thank you” and “have a nice day.” There are lots of reasons people may not want to buy popcorn (they have a son or grandson who they buy popcorn from, someone has already asked them and they made a purchase, maybe they bought some at a Show and Sell, etc.) None of the reasons are personal, so don’t take them personally. Move on to the next house. For people who don’t eat popcorn, they can always make a donation to the pack, or can donate popcorn to the troops. See the order form for details.
  • If someone orders from you (and they will), be sure to fill out the order form with their name and the product they ordered, then collect payment. Checks should be made out to Pack 24 Riverside.
  • Be sure to thank people by saying “Thank you for supporting scouting.”
  • For the orders you take, you will receive the popcorn on Saturday November 20. Actually, the den leaders receive it that day, and you will make arrangements with your den leader to get your hands on the popcorn. Once you have it, you can distribute it to the people who purchased from you.
Where does the money go?
70% of the funds from the popcorn we sell stay local. About 30% goes directly to our pack and the balance of the 70% goes to the Des Plaines Valley Council. The other 30% pays Trails End for the product.
What does Pack 24 do with the money?
We go camping. We pay for books and neckerchiefs. We pay for patches. We pay for outings. We pay for Boy’s Life magazine for all scouts. We pay the national annual dues for the scouts. We use the money to subsidize things that are more expensive (Dozin’ with the Dinos, Duncan, Hoover, etc.) to make them affordable for everyone.

If you have any more questions regarding popcorn sales, please send them via email to or use the contact form here.

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