Requests Before Graduation

Quisp, the vitamin powered sugary cereal, for QUAZY energy!
Remember Quisp?

The Pack 24 Graduation is upon us, Tuesday May 11, 7:00PM at RPC in the Social Hall (same as always.) If you haven’t already done so, please share your scout’s handbook with his den leader so your den leader knows what requirements have been met for graduation.

We need you to bring a couple things with you to graduation, if you are able:

1. An unopened box of cereal (any type.) The Sunday school kids at RPC are collecting boxes of cereal so that kids who normally receive breakfast in school will be able to continue to receive a healthy breakfast during the summer. If you can bring in a box of cereal, please place it on the bench inside the RPC entrance near the sign that says “Mission Possible.”

2. A light refreshment to share with the families who are present, once graduation is all done. This can be fruit, sweets, something crunchy, appetizers, etc. We’ll provide the beverages.

Other than that, we’re ready for graduation. We’ll have the scouts seated on the floor by den so we can hand out their awards quickly when their time comes. Your scout will receive his rank advancement badge, any other recognitions, and a new scout handbook and neckerchief.

We’ll also have the summer calendar handout available since this will be our last pack meeting until next school year. See you Tuesday.

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