Cantigny FAQs

When does the camp out start?
We can begin setting up camp at noon on Saturday April 17, 2010. However, the grounds open at 9:00 AM on Saturday: you can get in, you just won’t be able to set up your tent. You’re welcome to explore though, then set up camp beginning at noon.
I did not sign up already. Can I still go?
Yes! We have a few slots still open. Just bring a signed form and $10 for each person (scout or Akela.) We’d love to see you there.
What uniform should I wear?
Please feel free to wear your dress uniform, but your Class B uniform (blue t-shirt) is acceptable as well.
What are the facilities like?
There are restrooms available near the picnic area. There are fire pits and there will be firewood and a camp fire. There are no showers. Cantigny has provided a flyer with much more information. Cantigny General Scout Info.
What is there to eat?
We’ll have snacks available in the afternoon on Saturday, and pizza for dinner on Saturday night. On Sunday morning, we’ll have a light breakfast. Anything else is on your own.
What about fishing?
We can fish on Sunday morning from dawn until 8:30 AM. Please bring your own gear and bait and a fishing license if you’re over 16 and plan on fishing.
How do I get to Cantigny?
From Riverside, I-290 west to I-88. I-88 to Winfield Road exit. North on Winfield Road about 3 miles to the entrance to Cantigny (on your right.)
What is there to do at Cantigny?
  • Play on the tanks
  • Go for a hike
  • Tour the McCormick Museum
  • Relax with a walk through the gardens
  • Get a feel for what the soldiers went through in WWI in the First Division Museum
  • The pack will have the equipment to launch water bottle rockets
  • There are a limited number of wallet kits available for those scouts who haven’t already attempted one
  • We’ll have the leather working kit there in case you want to make yourself something

We’ll add to this list as we get more questions.

Need more information? Visit the Cantigny website.

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