Friends of Scouting Gifts

Our pack has already received a ribbon to thank us for our past participation, and that’s now atop our pack flagpole.

If you make a donation or pledge, in any amount, you will receive this 100th Anniversary of Scouting window cling. (This is a scan, clinging to the glass of my scanner. The original is much nicer.)

100 Years of Scouting Window Cling
100 Years of Scouting Window Cling

If you make a donation or pledge of $244, enough to support one scout for a year, you will receive this limited edition Des Plaines Valley Council “Friends” patch.

Des Plaines Valley Council FOS 2010
Des Plaines Valley Council 'Friendly' Patch

If everyone returns their forms to the council in the prepaid envelope that I included (just fill out the last page with your information and drop it in the mail) we’ll be invited to a family fun day. Right now all I know is that it’s at The Max in McCook (47th street west of 1st Avenue), it will be in May, and it will be FREE. So please, send in your card, whether or not you care to make a contribution to Friends of Scouting.

Thank you for all you do for Pack 24 Cub Scouts.

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