USS Cobia Overnight Signup!

USS Cobia Submarine
USS Cobia Submarine
As we announced at Blue & Gold, the USS Cobia submarine overnight program in Manitowoc, Wisconsin will be May 7-8, 2010. We have the entire submarine — 65 bunks — for Pack 24. This is a great time, and is something the boys will remember for the rest of their lives.

All cub scouts are eligible to attend, but each must attend with his Akela. We will be sleeping in the actual quarters on board the sub where submariners slept during World War II.

The program runs from 7:30 pm on Friday the 7th, to 8:30 am on Saturday, the 8th. Sleeping bags are recommended. Bathrooms are in the attached Wisconsin Maritime Museum. Directions and more information are at There will be educational activities throughout the evening to keep the boys engaged.

Attached are forms for the release of liability for each family to sign, a dog tag order form, if you wish, and a medical condition form, if necessary. The cost is $39 per person, and dog tags are $4.95 each. Drop off forms and a check at my house (shoot me an email and I will send you my address.)

Space is limited — first come, first served — don’t miss out!

Rich Buffo, Den 4 Leader

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