Cub Scout Pack 24 FAQs

Q: What is Pack 24 and where is it located?
A: Pack 24 is local Cub Scout Pack and is part of the Pathway to Adventure Council. We are sponsored by the Presbyterian Church located at 116 Barrypoint Road in Riverside Illinois.
Q: How are the Scouts organized?
A: Cub Scouts are formed into “Dens” of about 8-10 scouts per Den. Each Den has two parent leaders.
Q: How much time does Cub Scouting take?
A: Our normal season usually follows the school year: September through May. During this time we will have a meeting of the whole Pack once per month for an hour. Most dens meet either after school or in the evening at least once per month, some more often. In addition, we try to have a special activity each month such as a campout, a river walk, a bicycle hike, Halloween party, etc. These activities are usually on weekends.
Q: What does Scouting cost you?
A: There is a yearly registration fee of $50, most of which goes to the national BSA organization. The first year a Scout joins Pack 24 we ask the parents to pay the fee. The Pack pays this fee for any Scout renewing his membership. Our goal for most events is to have the Pack pay the Cub’s fees for any event, but not the parent(s) or family members. The actual cost per Cub is about $250/year. The Pack generates this money by having the Cubs participate in approximately three fund raisers per year. Traditionally these are selling popcorn (October/November), a pancake breakfast with the Boy Scouts (early March) and a lemonade stand on the 4th of July. It is expected that each Cub do his fair share with the help of his parent(s) and in doing so learn life lessons such as commitment, working with others and goal setting.
Q: Who can join the Cub Scouts?
A: Cub Scouting is open for boys and girls in kindergarten through 5th grade with some age requirements (listed on the Cub Scout application.) This represents the Cub Scout programs of Lions through Webelos.) After 5th grade the Cub Scouts move into Boy Scouts. For the starting Lions, an adult must accompany each boy to both Den and Pack meetings.
Q: What can I do as a parent of a Cub Scout to help?
A: The Pack depends on parents who volunteer their time to help make the programs, outings and experience successful for their child and other Cubs. There are many ways in which a parent can participate: as a leader, on the Pack committee, or by contributing to activities throughout the year. We also are looking for parents to contribute their personal experience and ties to the community as well. We also require your assistance throughout the year: anything from helping in a booth for an hour, organizing an outing for your den or the pack, or even running an event with the help of a committee of volunteers.
Q: What is involved in registration?
A: You will need to fill out an official application for the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) and pay a one time $50 registration fee. (As stated above, the Pack currently pays for any subsequent Scout renewals.) We will also have you fill out what is known as a “Class 1” health form. This is a basic form to alert the leaders to any health issues that might require special attention. If the health issues require more information, there is a “Class 2” health form that you will need to fill out. For insurance purposed, we will sometimes ask for parents’ drivers license numbers and type of car they drive. This would be use for an event like camping or a sporting event that would require driving to and from the event. This information would be supplied to the BSA for them to help insure us.
Q: Why do you want my e-mail address(es)?
A: Although we recognize that many people are leery of giving out their e-mail address due to spam and unwanted solicitation, we have found e-mail the fastest and easiest way to remind parents of upcoming events – times and places, as well as what to remember to bring, etc. We have also found that many people have both a work and a home e-mail address and have asked that we arrange to have e-mail notifications sent to both. Some families would like the notifications sent to both parents, or perhaps to an additional family member as well.
Q: What if I have more questions?
A: Please ask any Scout Leader or submit your question below. We will happily address all questions.

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