Reminders & Deadlines

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The popcorn campaign is wrapping up this weekend – October 18 to be exact – so please go out to get those last few sales so your scout can earn his fabulous prize.

  • We are going to hold a raffle for all scouts that bring a popcorn form with at least one sale on it to the October Pack Meeting (Tuesday, October 14).  The raffle prizes include some fantastic toys,  but everyone that has been active will win something.  All new scouts that sold at least one item will also receive a new “Class B” uniform shirt (you know, the blue t-shirt with the cool design on the front).

The deadline to sign up for our two upcoming camping events is our next Pack Meeting (Tuesday, October 14) so we can get a firm head count and finalize logistics and meals.

  • Scout Cabin Campout – Saturday, October 18 – The weather forecast looks excellent – cool weather and minimal chance of rain.  The trees are changing color, so all the conditions are in alignment for a fantastic day at the Scout Cabin.  For more details on what we have planned, please click here.  Otherwise, click here to help with a specific job of minimal duration  and to let us know how many people from your family will attend.  School-aged siblings are welcomed.  To encourage maximum participation, the cost is a minimal $5 per person, and waived if you have signed up for the “Feed My Community Day” volunteering earlier in the day.
  • Eagle Cave – November 8 & 9 – Inside the cave, the temperature is a constant 54 degrees year-round, so the outside weather is of minimal concern.  Please join us for a trip to the largest onyx cave in Wisconsin.  Click here for a previous post which summarizes all of the fun, or just click here to register.

You can use Kamp Bux to cover the cost of either of these events.  Email us at with any questions.

Thanks & see you there.

Eagle Cave Camping – November 8 & 9

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Eagle Cave MapWe’ve talked about it, but now it’s time to begin registration for the Eagle Cave trip which is only 30 days away.  You and your scout will have a chance explore the largest onyx cave in Wisconsin with over 3,000 feet of passage ways.  It’s so extensive, that the folks at the Eagle Cave don’t think that scouts can visit every part of the cave in one weekend, plus there are many other fun activities for the scouts, including:

  • Organized group games
  • Scavenger hunt & geocaching
  • Hay rides
  • Bingo for prizes
  • Camp fire (with s’mores)
  • Fishing
  • Hiking (and a guided night hike)
  • Sledding / skating (if we have an early winter due to another polar vortex)

The pack  will actually sleep in the cave, which advertised as a comfortable 52 degrees year-round.  The cost will be $25 per scout and siblings and $48 per adult.  The cost includes five “hearty” meals to keep up our energy while we’re at the cave and also all activities.  Eagle Cave is in Blue River, Wisconsin, which is west of Madison and about four hours away from Riverside.  As the event draws closer, we will organize car pools so families can share a ride.  Click here to view their website and more details related to the outing.

This event is open to all pack 24 cub scouts, but our leadership team thinks it may be better suited to our older scouts given the distance from Riverside and the semi-rugged conditions of sleeping in a cave.  Click here to register today; the deadline to register is October 14 – our next pack meeting.


Eagle Cave Registration

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Sorry, registration is closed.

Saturday, October 18 is a busy day! The morning of our campout at the Scout Cabin, Pack 24 will be one of the many community groups helping to package nutritious meals for those in need at the North Riverside Village Commons (2401 South Des Plaines Ave).  This year we expect to pack in excess of 70,000 meals that will be donated to local food pantries and there are still some sign up spots left to fill.

Pack 24 scouts can work at one of two shifts, and the event organizers have asked us to sign up as a group so they can reserve an area so we can work together.  We will be using the signup genius (click here) to sign up our cub scouts, and then turn in our list of volunteers to the organizers.

  • Available shifts are 9:00 – 10:30 am or 1:00 – 2:30pm – FYI, The camp out will not officially begin until after the second shift
  • If you are unable to attend, but would like to donate refreshments please contact Jeanine Buttimer directly to coordinate (708-220-1589 or
  • As a further incentive, if your scout volunteers for this event, the $5 charge to attend the camp out later in the day will be waived.
  • All scouts receive a badge for their efforts.
  • School-aged siblings are welcome to participate in this project with the scouts.

If you have any questions, please contact Tim Lauger ( or Cindy Reynolds ( Thanks!

Also… don’t forget to register for the scout cabin camp out later that day, click here to do so TODAY.

Scout Cabin Campout – October 18

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The Riverside Scout Cabin

The Riverside Scout Cabin

Registration has begun for the fall campout at the scout cabin.  We are using the signup genius for the registration process so click here to let us know if your family is coming.  We are asking each parent to help make this the best camp out ever by signing up to help with just one shift as detailed on the signup sheet.  We need to conclude the signup on the Thursday, October 16th so we can have an accurate count for our dinner delivery and morning breakfast provisions – so don’t delay – register today!

This is a great outing for new scout families since you can participate in the entire program but still head home at the end of the day to sleep in your own bed if you’d like to.  We don’t sleep inside the cabin, but rather each family will pitch its own tent in the immediate area.  If your family doesn’t own a tent, rentals are available at retailers such as REI, or we can see if we can find a spare one from someone else in the pack to lend you for the day.

We have a great day of activities planned beginning at 3pm including:

  • A forestry demonstration, featuring some very large chainsaws.
  • Fire safety instruction from Pack leader and Eagle Scout Rich Hosek
  • A zip line adventure
  • Epic treasure hunt of the surrounding area
  • Dinner (pizza or something similar)
  • A campfire with songs, skits & s’mores which will be lead by the Troop 24 Boy Scouts
  • Retirement of a US Flag
  • Late night movie & popcorn - or bed time at your discretion
  • Continental breakfast on Sunday
  • Morning ature hike
  • Clean up and depart by 11am.

fall campingIf your scout is volunteering at the Feed My Community day earlier on the 18th there is no charge for him to attend this event.  Otherwise, all of this fun only $5 per person.  Scout family members are welcome to attend this event and participate in the activities.  You can also use Kamp Bux from previous years to offset the cost of this event.

Our popcorn campaign concludes on the 18th as well.  Your scout’s take order sheet and payment are due on this date, and can be turned in to a leader or Kernel at the event.

See you there!

Popcorn Campaign Update

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A big thank you to all the scouts and parents that participated in our site sales.  Kernels Vince & Matt have tabulated the results and we are ahead of our record-breaking year last year.  We will soon circulate an email to summarize hours worked by scout to we can make sure everyone gets an appropriate level of credit towards their sales goals.

Although the site sales are over, we encourage everyone to get out with your scout to go door-to-door to visit neighbors & friends.  This year our popcorn campaign will wrap-up on Saturday, October 18, with all orders (and collections) due to the den leader (or parent coordinator) on this dateNote this is the date of the fall camp out as well – more details will be provided soon.

One way to ask friends & family to support scouting is to ask them to participate in the online campaign.  To facilitate your scout’s involvement in this campaign, Kernel Matt put together the following “how to” guide to online popcorn sales.

Creating an online account to sell popcorn through Trails End

Log on or click on the link

In the top right corner choose “Create Account” and then choose “Scout”

You will then be prompted enter your child’s birth date and year

On the next page is where you enter the rest of account information to sign up:

  • Child’s first name and last name initial
  • Create a user name and password
  • Enter your email address to be updated with online sales

You also need to choose the correct information to for our Troop to get credit for the sales. That is listed on the right side of the sign up page for which you created the user name and password.

  • Council: Des Plaines Valley
  • District: Voyageur Trace
  • Unit: Pack 3024-Riverside Presbyterian Church

Once all information is complete, you just need to hit “Sign Up” at the bottom and you are now registered.

Once registered, you can now send out your child’s sales page to friends/family via email. That is listed under the “Spread the Word” tab.

In addition, you can copy the link from your child’s sales page, and paste it to your Facebook status (with a picture of your child in uniform) to gain more visibility and sales opportunity to their page.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Kernel Matt at:



Pack FAQ

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Our scouting year is well underway and with the addition of more than new scouts our membership is now over 80 boys.  We are always welcome to new members, so if you have friends or neighbors with sons that may be interested in joining the pack, please invite them to an upcoming pack or den meeting.

We’ve had a few questions from our newer scout families, so we thought the following information would be helpful.

Patch PlacementWhere do I get a uniform?  What patches does my son need & where do they go?

  • The staff at Scout Store at 811 Hillgrove in LaGrange can help you find everything your son will need for his class “A” uniform.  Starting with the blue dress shirt, they let you know the appropriate Council shoulder patch (Des Plaines Valley) and some other patches.
  • The rank emblems (Bobcat, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos) and arrow points are awarded by the pack leadership.  If you have some that haven’t been sewn on yet, a guide can be found to the right of this post.
  • Scout pants & hat are optional.  Neckerchief and slide are part of the official class “A” uniform.
  • Scouts that participate in our popcorn campaign will also earn a class B uniform, which is the T-shirt with a really cool design on it.

When are pack meetings?  What activities are planned this year?

  • Pack Meetings are the second Tuesday of each month at 7pm in the Riverside Presbyterian Social Hall.  We change it up in January and February for the Pinewood Derby and Blue & Gold, but we’ll cover that in 2015.
  • We have a Google Calendar embedded in this website.  Our next major events will occur on October 18 with the Scout Cabin Camp Out and Feed My Community Day.  Scout cabin registration will begin soon.

Can I get some help with the all the jargon?

  • The cub scouts are boys in the first to fifth grades.  The boy scouts are 6th grade to High School.  Both are part of the nationally organized Boy Scouts of America.   Cub scouts can cross-over and join the ranks of boy scouts when they are Webelos and well into the fifth grade.
  • Cub scouts are organized into a pack which is all boys in the first to fifth grades.  Dens represent specific ranks by grade level:
    • Bobcat – is the first rank a scout will earn.  New scouts, even those above first grade, must earn this after they learn some basic scouting requirements.  We have a ceremony for all new scouts that have earned this rank at our pack meeting in November.
    • Tigers – first grade
    • Wolves – second grade
    • Bears – third grade
    • Webelos – fourth & fifth grades.  Bonus for you, webelos is short for We’ll be Loyal Scouts.  Webelos that complete eight specific activity pins are awarded the Arrow of Light.
  • Pack 24 is chartered by the Riverside Presbyterian Church.  The pack is part of the Voyager Trace district, which in turn is a sub-division of the Des Plaines Valley Council, which serves more than 30 communities in our area.  The DPVC operates at 811 Hillgrove Avenue, in LaGrange.  You may have seen some news that the DPVC is going to be consolidated into a larger Chicago-area Council, but apparently the LaGrange store will remain open.

Who can join?

  • Pack 24 welcomes all boys in the first to fifth grades in the Riverside area.
  • Because we do so many fun activities, sometimes girls wish to join, but official BSA policy is boys-only.  Note that both girls and boys can join Venturers at age 14, this is separate division of the national BSA organization.
  • Initial membership fee is $50, which includes Boys Life magazine and the dues that are paid to the national BSA organization.

Other questions?  Ask your den leader or email us at

Mark Your Calendars for October 18

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October 18 is going to be busy for Pack 24 – here’s why:

  • Scout Cabin Camp Out in Riverside:  Pack 24 is continuing our tradition of a fall camp out at the Scout Cabin located on Fairbank road in southwest Riverside.  Its a great way for new scouts & families to get used to camping, and if the weather gets to be too much, you can drive home to sleep in your own bed.  The leaders are working on the details but we’ll get started in the afternoon and plan on the following activities:
    • Zip line
    • Scout crafts
    • Treasure hunt
    • Dinner
    • Camp fire with Scout Songs, Skits & S’mores
    • U.S. Flag retirement ceremony
    • Movie
    • Optional tent camping overnight
    • Breakfast & morning hike
  • Feed 6 Community Service:  Pack 24 will be one of the many community groups helping to package nutritious meals for those in need.  Pack 24 scouts can work at one of two shifts, and the event organizers have asked us to sign up as a group so they can reserve an area so we can work together as a group.  We will be using the signup genius to sign up our scouts, and then turn in our list of volunteers to the organizers.  The event will be at the North Riverside Village Commons and we are planning on the following two sifts.
    • 9:00 – 10:30 am
    • 1:00 – 2:30pm – FYI, The camp out will not officially begin until after the second shift, so don’t worry about missing out on anything if you support this noble cause.
    • As a further incentive, if your scout volunteers for this event, there will not be any charge for him to attend the camp out later in the day (camp out fee is TBD at this point).

As always, direct questions or comments to us at


Popcorn Site Sales

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Hello Pack 24, we hope you’ve been able to get out with your scout and sell popcorn door to door or at our site sale last Sunday.  The scouts that sold outside of Walgreens did very well, and our Kernels calculate that they are on track to earn a significant credit towards their overall sales goal.

We are going to be selling outside of the Jewel in North Riverside this coming weekend.  You should have received an email inviting you to register your scout for this event, but if you didn’t, please visit the sign-up at this link:

All of the funds we raise from selling popcorn are used to reduce the costs of den and pack activities; that’s why there isn’t any fee for our Pinewood Derby.  Don’t forget that 10% of sales are credited directly to your scout as Kamp Bux for use to reduce the costs of his activities.

Speaking of great activities, be sure to mark your calendar for October 18 for our Scout Cabin camp out in Riverside.  We’re developing a lot of fun scouting related activities, and more details will be available ** soon **.

Popcorn Preview

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Popcorn LogoOur popcorn kernels Vince Pecis and Matt Dominick have planned a fun popcorn campaign for our scout.  We’ll discuss the prizes and other incentives for the Pack 24 scouts at our first pack meeting which will be Tuesday, September 9 at 7pm at the RPC Social Hall.  By the way, we’ll have a few games and patches available for scouts at the Pack Meeting so be sure to come for the fun.

Here are key points for this year’s popcorn fund-raiser:

  • This is the pack’s largest fund-raiser, and represents about 70% of our annual budget.  With funds from popcorn, we are able to provide handbooks, neckerchiefs, slides and awards for our scouts without any additional charges.  The pack also heavily subsidizes many of our outings with the funds from popcorn.
  • We will be organizing three weekends of site sales for popcorn at area retailers.  The first sale will be Sunday, September 14th from 10am to 3pm at the Walgreens at the corner of Ogden and First Avenue.  Online signup will be sent separately, or is accessible here.  Similar signups on September 20 & 21 and 27 & 28 also from 10am to 3pm with details to be announced soon, so until then, please save the date.
    • As in past years, we will credit scouts for sales activity at these site sales.
  • Pack 24 orders will be due by October 18, which is also the date of the pack camp out at the Riverside Scout Cabin.
  • Popcorn for individual sales (also called take orders) will be distributed on November 15.
  • We will have a pizza party for scouts that sell more than $300 of popcorn on November 24.
  • 10% of individual sales will be credited to a scout’s Kamp Bux account which can be used to reduce the cost of pack outings.
  • There are many more fun prizes and incentives available from the Des Plaines Valley Council and the popcorn vendor, Trail’s End.
  • Click here (Popcorn Online Orders) to download a helpful “how to” to use the online tools to reach family and friends that are not in the immediate area.