Dozin’ with the Dinos registration is here!

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It’s time to Doze with the Dinos at the Field Museum: Friday, February 8th-Saturday February 9th!

Come enjoy a REAL night at the Field Museum with Pack 24. Many exhibits are open until midnight and there’s TONS to explore. It’s been a while since Pack 24 has done this  overnight and we’re not sure when it’ll come around again, so take advantage of this opportunity while you can!

Cost is $65 per person and includes access to Dozin’ with the Dinos overnight and all open museum exhibits, parking, evening snack, continental breakfast and admission to the museum the next day. Note: parking is not included for the next day admission.

Guests can also enjoy a screening of “Waking the T. rex: The Story of SUE”. Tickets are $5 and sold on the night of the event.

The Pack has reserved 45 spots. If these spots are not filled by Scouts and adults, we’ll open reservations to siblings one week before the January 2nd registration deadline.

We understand that some of our events, such as museum overnights, cost a little more. If you would like to attend with your Scout, but find the cost exceedingly prohibitive, please email Kim Cimino ( and the Pack will try to work something out. We want everyone to be able to join in the fun!

Check out the details then sign up at the bottom. Deadline is January 2nd!


Check in is from 5:30-6:15pm at the south entrance of the museum, opposite from the Shed Aquarium. All guests must be checked in by 6:15. Please eat dinner before you come! Outside food is not allowed, although there are vending machines.

If you arrive late, you can enter through the South Entrance until 8pm. Guests that arrive after 8pm must enter through the West Entrance, near Lake Shore Drive. No one will be admitted to the museum after 9pm.


Overnight parking in the Soldier Field North Garage beginning at 5pm is included with your ticket. You can access this garage off 18th street. Take a parking ticket from the machine and a validation ticket from Dozin’ with the Dinos check-in staff. All cars in the garage must exit by 9am the following morning.

Do not park in the East Lot, unless you’ve made prior arrangements for accessible parking.

Packing list

We recommend guests bring their own supplies for the night:

• Sleeping bag

• Pillow

• Toothbrush and toothpaste

• Washcloth or hand towel

• Flashlight (We do not sell flashlights or batteries.)

• Comfortable clothing (Temperatures may vary hall to hall. Consider bringing layers of clothing—t-shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, sweat pants.)

• Gym shoes

• Change and small bills for vending machines (Museum staff cannot make change.)

• Earplugs (Sometimes our dinosaurs snore.)

• Bag/backpack

Pack carefully! We do not provide any sleeping equipment.

Do not bring:

X Tents

X Air mattresses larger than a twin size

X Outside food or drink (unless you have a food allergy or dietary restriction)

Guests are strongly advised against bringing wagons or other heavy equipment.

Chaperones are not allowed to drop off their children or overnight gear at the entrance and leave them unsupervised while parking.


Pack and clear your supplies by 8:30am the next morning. Move your car out of the North Garage by 9am. If you need to leave before 8am, exit through the East Entrance 11 on the ground floor. To depart before 6am, contact a Dozin’ with the Dinos staff member or Protection Services Officer.

Extending your stay

Continue exploring the Museum after the event ends—Basic admission is included with your ticket! You can leave your gear with coat check or pack it away in your car. Just remember to have a Dozin’ with the Dinos staff member stamp your hand so that you can re-enter the Museum.

If you are staying on Museum Campus, you can pull back into the North Garage and pay the daily rate or drive closer to the Adler Planetarium to find a metered parking spot.

Sign up below! Not seeing the form on your mobile device email? Click here to register. Note: If you register, but then need to cancel, a refund is not guaranteed unless we can find a family to take your place.


Reminder: Pack Meeting Tuesday, December 11th

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Our last Pack meeting of the year is Tuesday, December 11th at 7pm! 

This is the night that Scouts who have sold over $500 worth of popcorn get to choose an adult to give a pie in the face. It’s tons of fun whether you participate or just watch from the sidelines. Plus, we’ll be handing out popcorn prizes to the popcorn-selling Scouts.

Also on the agenda—each Scout will get their Pinewood Derby car to work on for January’s race. The Scout Shop in Lagrange will have their first free cutting event this Saturday, December 15th where Scouts can choose from several templates and have their cars cut for free. We’ll have more info on the Derby at the Pack meeting and will be sending out official rules later this week. 

This is our last Pack meeting until March. In January, we’ll have the Pinewood Derby and February the Blue & Gold banquet. There are other events planned for the next couple of months, too, like the Feed My Starving Children service event, Dozin’ with the Dinos, Wilmot Tubing and Pancake Breakfast, so make sure to open and read all Pack 24 emails so you don’t miss out!


Bobcat ceremony Pack meeting November 13th

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Our monthly Pack meeting is Tuesday November 13th at 7:00PM at RPC. This month is our Bobcat ceremony where we recognize our new Scouts and their first achievement.

We will start downstairs in the social hall for any announcements and then will move upstairs into the Sanctuary for the ceremony — Lions, then Tigers, Wolves and so on. Parents follow behind. New Scouts are called up to the front and then their parents to join them. The parents are handed a Bobcat badge and pin. Once the Den Leaders are done speaking, usually people take pictures for a few minutes. After the ceremony, we’ll head back downstairs for refreshments. 

All Scouts should be dressed in full Class A uniform, scarf and slide included.

The requirements for earning the Bobcat Badge are found in the Cub Scout handbook, but here is a recap. We know it takes a while to learn all of these things, so please just tell your Scout(s) to do their best. Note: new Scouts will recite these as a group, so no need for nerves about any solo performance.

Bobcat Badge

  1. Learn and say the Scout Oath, with help if needed.
  2. Learn and say the Scout Law, with help if needed.
  3. Show the Cub Scout sign. Tell what it means.
  4. Show the Cub Scout handshake. Tell what it means.
  5. Say the Cub Scout motto. Tell what it means.

This is the basic information that all Cub Scouts must know which is why all Scouts must earn the Bobcat badge before any other badge.

P.S.: Please remember that we are guests in the church and to treat the church, especially the Sanctuary, with reverence. No running and use inside voices when traveling to and from the Sanctuary.

Eagle Cave registration is here!

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Registration for the highly-anticipated overnight at Eagle Cave is here!  Join us for this amazing trip early Saturday morning November 10th through Sunday, November 11th, 2018.

You and your Scout will have a chance explore the largest onyx cave in Wisconsin with over 3,000 feet of passageways.  It’s so extensive, that the folks at the Eagle Cave don’t think that Scouts can visit every part of the cave in one weekend, plus there are many other fun activities for the Scouts, including:

  • Organized group games
  • Scavenger hunt & geocaching
  • Hay rides
  • Bingo for prizes
  • Camp fire (with s’mores)
  • Fishing
  • Hiking (and a guided night hike)
  • Sledding / skating (if we have an early winter due to another polar vortex)

The pack  will actually sleep in the cave, which advertised as a comfortable 52 degrees year-round. 

The cost will be $25 per Scout; $50 per adult; $35 per sibling.  The cost includes hearty meals to keep up our energy for cave exploring and other activities. 

Eagle Cave is in Blue River, Wisconsin, which is west of Madison and about four hours away from Riverside.  As the event draws closer, we will organize car pools so families can share a ride.  Click here to view their website and more details related to the outing.

This event is open to all Pack 24 Cub Scouts, but our leadership team thinks it may be better suited to our older Scouts grade three and up given the distance from Riverside and the rugged conditions of sleeping in a cave. Our Pack will be sleeping on a hard surface near the front of the cave. If you choose to bring a tent, only a two-person tent is allowed for two people and a maximum four-person tent for 3-4 people since it is a crowded space and tents will be side by side. If your tent is too large, you will be asked to take it down. A tent is not required. Ear plugs and sleep masks are encouraged since the lights stay on and the sound does carry.

Register today — deadline is extended until spots are filled. We’ll send a more detailed list of exactly what to bring, what time to arrive, etc. to all attendees before the trip.

Registration is now open for siblings ($35/each)! Please remember that this event is best suited to older children, approximately third grade and up. If you feel your second grader will be OK with the conditions, use your judgment. 

IMPORTANT: If you’ve already signed up and are just adding a sibling, fill in the registration form with the adult name, email, phone number and sibling quantity and name. There is no need to re-register adults and Scouts that are already registered.

Sign up below! Not seeing the form on your mobile device email? Click here to register. Note: If you register, but then need to cancel, a refund is not guaranteed unless we can find a family to take your place.

Reminder: Pack meeting this Tuesday 10/9

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We have our Pack meeting this Tuesday, October 9th at Riverside Presbyterian Church Social Hall. We’ll have an update on our popcorn sales, announcements on future events and some really fun entertainment, so please be there by 7pm sharp

Also: if you have a new Scout and have not turned in your application and/or fee, please bring it to the meeting. The fee is $50 for each new Scout and can be cash or a check made out to “Pack 24”. You can give it to your Den Leader or a Committee Co-Chair. Thank you to everyone who has turned the paperwork in so far.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday!

Last call for Campers!!  Sign up is closing tonight at midnight.  So far, it looks like it will be a beautiful but cool day and evening.

This event is free for Scouts, $5 for siblings and $10 for adults.

We need help from our Akelas!  Check out the Signup Genius: 
Here is the itinerary:  
3PM:  Arrive and tent sent up.
3PM-4PM:  For those who want to participate, we will be working with the village to help remove invasive species along the past near Indian Gardens.  Please bring shovels (big and small) and gloves.  Pants and long sleeves are HIGHLY recommended due to high high rates of poison ivy.
3PM-5PM:  Zipline
5PM:  Pizza
6PM: Flag retirement and skits by the Boy Scouts
7-8PM:  Games
8PM:  Movie and popcorn
Be sure to pack:
  • Tent & tarp
  • Sleeping bags & pillows
  • Extra blankets and clothing layers
  • Lantern, head lamp or flashlight
  • Bug Spray — a MUST
  • Camp chairs for hanging out and eating meals
  • Games or books for any downtime your kids may want to take
  • Water bottle
  • Any toiletries you may need 
  • Earplugs optional since some of our Scout parents have been known to snore

Did I mention that there is a lot of poison ivy out there right now??  The forestor, Mike Collins, asked me to stress the importance of wearing appropriate clothing and gloves when out along the path.  Parents of young children, please supervise them when they are heading to the zipline or service project!  Nothing ruins a camping trip like poison ivy!

Sign up below! Not seeing the form on your mobile device email? Click here to register.

Scout Cabin Campout

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It’s time to camp at the Scout Cabin!

Join us on Saturday, September 29th from 3pm to Sunday, September 30th at 9am for camping at Riverside’s own Scout Cabin. This is the perfect campout for the whole family, especially those Scouts that are new to the Pack and want to see what camping is all about. Plus, if your Scout gets cold feet, you’re literally right in the neighborhood, so it’s an easy drive home —and you can still join us for donuts and bagels in the morning.

This event is free for Scouts, $5 for siblings and $10 for adults.
Here are just a few of the fun activities planned:
  • A presentation from the Village of Riverside Forester
  • Zipline
  • Games
  • Pizza at 5pm
  • Campfire & S’mores (of course)
  • Movie before turning in
  • Bagels & Donuts for breakfast
Be sure to pack:
  • Tent & tarp
  • Sleeping bags & pillows
  • Extra blankets and clothing layers
  • Lantern, head lamp or flashlight
  • Bug Spray — a MUST
  • Camp chairs for hanging out and eating meals
  • Games or books for any downtime your kids may want to take
  • Water bottle
  • Any toiletries you may need 
  • Earplugs optional since some of our Scout parents have been known to snore

If you have an extra tarp, tent or sleeping bags you’re willing to lend out, please let your Den Leader know. Some of our families are brand new to camping and aren’t yet stocked up on camping essentials.

Sign up below! Not seeing the form on your mobile device email? Click here to register.

Popcorn site sale signup is here!

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It’s POPCORN time! The Pack’s BIGGEST fundraiser of the year is ready to kick off with site sales signup. Our popcorn fundraiser helps the Pack subsidize trips and activities, plus covers the cost of fees, neckerchiefs, slides and handbooks as Scouts advance to the next level — making Scouting more accessible to all.

Everyone will hear the popcorn sale details at our first Pack meeting on Tuesday the 11th, but if you want to get a jump on signing up for a site sale (the first one is this weekend), follow this link:

Remember: For now, only sign up for ONE slot per weekend so everyone who wants to do site sales has an opportunity. If we have more openings on some weekends, we’ll send out a notice that Scouts can sign up for more than one time per weekend.

All Scouts should wear their Class A uniform (shirt; neckerchief; slide) to their site sale. A parent must stay with the Scout during their shift.

Want to wait for more info at the Pack meeting? No problem! We have plenty of site sales through October. Plus, site sales aren’t the only way to raise funds by selling popcorn. Neighbors, family and friends like popcorn (and Scouts on a fundraising mission), too. Again, we’ll have more info and a seller’s sheet for each Scout who wishes to participate at the first Pack meeting.

Let’s get poppin’!


Pack 24 Frequently Asked Questions

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Hello, Pack 24!

As we begin our Scouting season, there are always things that slip our minds over the summer. Now that we’re getting back into the swing of things, we’ve created a list of frequently asked questions that should help guide you with things like Den Leader names, Pack meeting times, uniform purchase, etc.

This FAQ is not specific to Dens since each Den may be run slightly differently. Please refer any Den-centric questions to your Den Leader.

Many of our new Scout families have already received this document, but, if some of our veterans need reminders, just refer to this link:

Riverside Pack 24 Cub Scouts FAQs

Welcome back and we hope to see everyone at our first Pack meeting of the season Tuesday, September 11th at 7pm at the Riverside Presbyterian Church.

The Scouting season is really gearing up!  Mark your calendars for our first Pack 24 meeting of the year on Tuesday, September 11th at 7PM at Riverside Presbyterian Church. We have so many great events coming up, including the Warren Dunes camping trip Septemeber 7th-9th (see below for sign up and details) and the Scout Cabin Camp Out in October (stay tuned for details).  

If you are planning to attend the Warren Dunes camping trip, please sign up ASAP so we can get an accurate feel of how many people to expect.  Here are the details:

-Warren Dunes Fall Camping Trip: Friday, September 7th-Sunday, September 9th.   The Pack 24 Cub Scouts are returning to the Warren Dunes State Park near Sawyer, Michigan for our fall camping trip. This is a great trip for the Scouts and we spend time playing games on the nearby Lake Michigan beach and exploring the dunes. All Cub Scouts and their entire family are welcome to attend this outing.

We will need volunteers to help load supplies at Riverside Presbyterian Church Thursday evening, September 6th and Sunday, September 9th upon return. Please email Mark Hill to volunteer your services. Of course, all please pitch in with cooking, cleanup, loading/unloading at the campsite.

Here’s a summary of what we have planned…

Friday night: Check in, set up, cracker barrel dinner (cheese, crackers, cold cuts) campfire.


  • Pancake breakfast
  • Post-breakfast hike to private dunes & beach (swim if you like)
  • Lunch: Walking tacos
  • More dune climbing and swimming post-lunch
  • Dinner: Cook out with burgers/dogs/brats
  • We’ll end the evening with s’mores around the campfire

Sunday morning: Breakfast, then camp breakdown/cleanup 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the cost? A:  Scouts and siblings under 16 are $20 each, adults are $35 each, yes – the entire family is welcome to attend.

Q:  Do I have to camp for two nights?  A:  No, you are free to arrive Saturday morning or leave late Saturday if your schedule is constrained.

Q: How far is it?  A: Sawyer, Michigan is about 96 miles away from Riverside (and an hour ahead of Riverside time).  Click here for directions courtesy of Google Maps.

Q: What are we going to do? A:  Play on the Lake Michigan beach, swimming, explore the dunes, play games, campfire songs & s’mores, outdoor cooking.

Q:  What are we going to eat?  A: Pancakes & sausage for breakfast, walking tacos for lunch, hotdogs / burgers for dinner.  Plenty of nutritious fruits and veggies will be served with each meal.

Here is the sign up!