Warren Dunes Camping

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Warren Dunes MapThe Pack 24 cub scouts are returning to the Warren Dunes State Park near Sawyer, Michigan on September 5, 6 and 7 for our fall camping trip.  This is a great trip for the scouts and we spend time playing games on the nearby Lake Michigan beach and exploring the dunes.  All cub scouts and their entire family (yes, even sisters) are welcome to attend this outing.

Here’s a summary of what we have planned

Friday night:  Check in, set up, cracker barrel (cheese, crackers, sausage) campfire.

Saturday:  Pancake breakfast/cereal/fruit.

  • 9:30-12:30  Hike to private dunes & beach
  • 1:00-2:00    Walking tacos
  • 2:30-5:30    Move to big beach by car for games & swimming
  • 6:00-7:00    Cook out with burgers/dogs/brats
  • Evening      Campfire and s’mores

Sunday:    Dry breakfast cereal/bagels/fruit

Optional side trip after we finish packing up:  Trip to apple orchard 10:00-noon

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the cost? A:  Scouts and siblings under 12 are $15 each, adults are $30 each, yes – the entire family is welcome to attend.

Q:  Do I have to camp for two nights?  A:  No, you are free to arrive Saturday morning or leave late Saturday if your schedule is constrained.

Q: How far is it?  A: Sawyer, Michigan is about 96 miles away from Riverside.  Click here for directions courtesy of Google Maps.

Q: What are we going to do? A:  Play on the Lake Michigan beach, swimming, explore the dunes, play games, campfire songs & s’mores, outdoor cooking.

Q:  What are we going to eat?  A: Pancakes & sausage for breakfast, walking tacos for lunch, hotdogs / burgers for dinner.  Plenty of nutritious fruits and veggies will be served with each meal.

Registration will close on August 28, so you have one less thing to worry about before enjoying Labor Day.  Click here to register today.


Warren Dunes Camping Registration

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Summer Picnic – August 24

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Greetings Pack 24 families.

Water RocketThe pack leaders are organizing a kick-off for our scouting year for Sunday, August 24 from 1-5pm.  The location is the National Grove South #2, the entrance to which is located near of the intersection of Des Plaines and 29th Avenue.  We have several fun events planned including:

  • A bounce house
  • Water balloon fight
  • Bottle rockets (the water-powered variety – you can make your own in advance)
  • Scout games of all sorts

There will also be delicious burgers, hot dogs and brats fresh & hot, right off the grill.

Come see your friends from cub scouts.  This event is open to all scout families in pack 24, including siblings and grand parents.  There is no charge to attend, but we would appreciate it if you could register by clicking here, so we can have a sense of head count.

Also, this is a great event for any families that may be interested in joining the pack.  Several pack leaders will be on hand to answer questions, including Cub Master Tim Ozga, who is organizing the event.

Hope you can make it!

Cub Scout Day Camp in August

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If you are looking for some activities for your scouts during the quiet days before school starts, here is some information about the Cub Scout Day Camp.  A link to the full details and the registration form is available here by clicking here  - but some of key information from their flyer includes the following:

SUMMARY:   Join us for 3 days of fun as we scout out the fun and excitement the fun to be had in the arctic! Come take the challenge and push your limits! Program will include archery, bb-guns, bottle rockets, games, splash pad, crafts,songs and skits, and much more!

WHO: Cub Scouts and future Cub Scouts going into Tigers, Wolves, Bears, and Webelos. Boys from 1st-5th grade. Plenty of fun for adults and boy scouts willing to help too! There must be at least one adult for each 5 boys.

WHAT: For the first time in many years VT day camp will feature bb-guns as well as archery,sports, crafts, bottle rockets, games & songs! We will do something for each level – Tigers, Wolves, Bears, and Webelos. Get a cool t-shirt and a specially designed patch.

COST: $40.00 a Scout. Leaders and parents are free.

Note – if you’re interested, register directly, since this is not an activity that the pack is coordinating.  If you have questions -  contact Voyager Trace district executive Matt Rohan 708-315-6703 otherwise, email your registration to Barbara.fowler@scouting.org.

Annual Planning Meeting

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Check out this previous post for a summary of all of the fun activities the pack has planned for our scouts for the upcoming year;  you can also take a look at our online calendar, which is right on this website.  Parental involvement and support is the reason the pack is able to provide so many fun and educational activities for the scouts.  Parents are always welcome to attend the pack’s monthly leadership meetings, and we especially invite you to our annual planning session which will be held on August 20th.

At our annual planning session we will review the pack’s financial status and approve a budget, begin work on the popcorn fund-raising campaign, set the agendas for our monthly pack meetings.  If you are interested in working with the pack leaders on these types of activities, you do not need to join as an official leader to help.  The pack is also considering some additional special events if there are parents that are interested in helping us coordinate the following:

  • Sports:  Two years ago the pack took a bus to Wrigley Field for a behind-the-scenes tour, and we have gone on group outings to Chicago Steel hockey and Chicago Rush arena football games.  There similar opportunities for tours or games at other venues.
  • Conservation:  The Village of Riverside is amenable to working with the pack for a wide variety of projects, and some of our scouts have helped with similar iniatiatives.  These are a good experience for the boys, and can result in special recognition and awards from the national Boy Scout organization for our scouts.
  • Just Plain Fun:  Places such as Medieval Times, Blue Man Group, and the Tall Ship Windy all offer significant discounts for groups, and often have patches for scouts to memorialize the fun.
  • Pack Meeting Presentations:   Last year the pack arranged for special visits from Animals for Awareness and storyteller Chris McBrien, but if we have pack parents or other people in the community that would like to share collections, artistry, stories or other fun activities with our scouts, you are most welcome to let us know.
  • New Scout Recruitment:  We need to coordinate with the PTO and administrators in each school to promote the Pack 24 Cub Scouts to potentially interested families.  We could also use your help in getting the word out, especially to families with boys that are going into first grade and that could be new Tiger scouts in the fall.
  • Popcorn:  The popcorn campaign is our biggest fund raiser and contributes about 2/3 of the funds for our annual budget.  Our Popcorn Kernel, Vince Pecis is looking for a few parents to help him coordinate the site sales and pickup for this year’s campaign.  The area BSA groups are all coordinating so there will be some special events like minor league baseball games for families that take a leadership role in this year’s popcorn campaign.

If you’re not available on the 20th but would be interested in helping to coordinate an event, let us know by talking to a leader or emailing us at pack24riverside@gmail.com.

Thanks for helping us make this another awesome year of fun for our scouts.

Summer Picnic

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We hope you can attend our traditional Summer Picnic on Sunday, August 24 from 1pm to 5pm.  We have reserved space at the National Grove South #2, the entrance to which is located near of the intersection of Des Plaines and 29th Avenue.  There is no charge for scouts nor family members (yes, even little sisters).  Some of the highlights will include:
  • A bounce house
  • Water rockets
  • An epic water balloon fight
  • Games of all varieties
  • Summer BBQ delights such as hot dogs, burgers, and many other treats.
If you have any friends, family or neighbors that have a son that may be interested in joining Pack 24, feel free to pass the word about this event.  Many of the pack leaders will be on hand to discuss what we have planned for the upcoming year, and we’ll have applications on hand for any potential new members.
Cubmaster Tim Ozga, and the other event organizers request that you to click here to register by Friday, August 21 so they can get a better handle on the supplies they need for the event.

2014 Summer Picnic Registration

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2014 Summer Picnic

There isn’t a charge to attend the picnic, but we ask families to register so we can pick up the appropriate amount of supplies.

  • Any children age 12 or less, include scouts in this figure. Siblings are welcome.
  • Let us know if there is anything on your mind. If you are going to invite a family interested in joining cub scouts, please let us know here.
  • If you’re a new scout family, please give us your email so we can let you know about our upcoming events.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Thank you!

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Pack 24 parents and scouts – you are the best!

Nearly two dozen scouts marched with us in the 4th of July parade.  Everyone was in full uniform and we distributed many pounds of candy to the spectators. Thanks so much for having your scouts prepared and on time.

Our lemonade stand was also impressive, we sold nearly 600 cups of lemonade!   A very big thanks to the Baird and Gonzalez families for working so hard to organize this effort. Also, many thanks to everyone that donated ice and a cooler for the stand.  Coolers are in the downstairs RPC closet, so email us to arrange a pickup if the church isn’t open.

Have a good rest of the weekend.

Fourth of July Preparations

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The weather forecast for the 4th of July looks great: sunny, upper 70′s with low humidity.  We have a lot of fun planned and hope you can join us.

US FlagMarching in the Parade:  Pack 24 is serving as a color guard at the front of the parade, so please click here to let us know if your scout will marching with us and keep the following in mind

  • Uniform – Class “A” is mandatory, including neckerchief and slide, and hat if  you have one.  Shorts / sandals are OK.
  • Arrive by 8:30am since the parade begins at 8:45am.  We are the third group to march, so look for the leaders north of the big ball park near the corners of Longcommon and Delaplaine.
  • Parents are welcome to march with the pack.  If you’re not marching with us, then pick up your scout after the parade at the Pack 24 lemonade stand in Guthrie Park (more on that below).
  • Feel free to give your scout a bag of candy (or two, or three) to hand out to kids along the parade route.  The pack isn’t going to supply any extra candy for scouts.

Lemonade ImageLemonade Stand:  Pack 24′s fresh-squeezed lemonade is the best, and always a huge hit at the party at Guthrie park (in downtown Riverside) that begins as soon as the parade ends.  A big thanks to the Lemonade Committee and chairperson Jennifer Baird coordinating all the logistics.  Both parents & scouts can volunteer, so click here to go to our online signup genius.  Here are some other details.

  • Squeezing lemons can be a lot of sticky fun, so feel free to switch your scout into a class “B” uniform (blue pack 24 t-shirt) if he marched in the parade.
  • Tell all your friends to visit us at booth 13!  It’s delicious and supports a good cause.

See you there!

Happy Birthday US of A!

Fourth of July Is Coming!

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All scouts are welcome to join Pack 24 as we march in Riverside’s Independence Day parade and then serve fresh-squeezed lemonade at the party in Guthrie park thereafter.  Here’s what you need to know:

  • Parade:  Pack 24 traditionally serves as the color guard for the entire parade.  That means we are the first group after the fire truck vanguard.  Why do we get this honor?  Because we are cub scouts and so awesome.  All current pack 24 scouts are welcome to march with us – as long as they wear their full “Class A” uniform (you know… the formal shirt with the neck & slide).  Shorts are OK as long as they are consistent with the uniform.  We generally hand out candy to the kids as we march along, but all scouts have to bring their own supply of goodies.
  • Lemonade Stand:  The scouts always have gooey-sticky fun working to serve the best fresh-squeezed lemonade in all of Riverside.  The stand opens up as soon as the parade ends, so your scouts are free to join us in Guthrie park even if he marches with a different group.  We recommend that all scouts shift into their class B t-shirts for this event, because the t-shirts are much .  We’ll have a separate sign up going for this event soon, once we finalize our plans for separate shifts for setup, serving and clean-up.

Questions / comments / concerns?  As always, please email us at pack24riverside@gmail.com.