2021 Brookfield Zoo Tree Trimming

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Pack 24 is participating in the Brookfield Zoo’s 2021 Community Tree Trim on Saturday, November 13th. Scouts are asked to meet at Tree #206 (located on the East Mall, between Roosevelt Fountain and BZ Red Hots Restaurant) between 11am-12pm on Saturday, November 13th to hang the wooden ornament they received at this week’s Pack meeting and decorated at home. (If your Scout was unable to attend the Pack meeting, please reach out to your Den Leader.)
Please note that if Scouts wish to keep their ornaments, they can retrieve them from the tree beginning Wednesday, January 1 through Saturday, January 15, 2022, during regular zoo hours (10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.). All remaining ornaments will be removed on Sunday, January 16, 2022 and any ornaments on the trees at that time will not be saved.

2021 Pack Hike 11/6

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Pack Fall Hike!

What: Fall Hike!

When: Saturday, November 6th, 10am

Where: Wolf Road Woods, Palos Trail System, Willow Springs, IL 60480

Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/SHVDZF9PCeEQPxZC7 

Who: All Cub Scouts, Parents, and Siblings

Why: To enjoy the woods on a fall day and WIN SOME PRIZES!

What to Bring: A Marker (to mark your Bingo Card), Cub Scout 6 Essentials

We will meet at Wolf Road Woods to hike as a Pack about 1.25mi. around Tomahawk Slew. We will have a fun Fall Hike Bingo Scavenger Hunt. Please bring a marker to mark your cards. We will provide the Bingo Cards. Completed cards will be able to win a prize at the end of the hike. 

All of the Webelos (both 1 and 2) will buddy up with a Lion or Tiger scout to help them find the things on their cards.

If you haven’t yet learned what the Cub Scout 6 Essentials for Hiking are, bring what you can, but just “Do Your Best”. 

Cub Scout Six Essentials for Hiking Quick List

  1. First Aid Kit
  2. Water Bottle
  3. Flashlight
  4. Trail Food
  5. Sun Protection
  6. Whistle (packed away for emergencies only)

2021 October Pack Meeting

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Attention Cub Scouts and Parents. Prepare to be amazed by the magic of the fabulous John Measner. He has prepared a special show for our Cub Scouts at the Pack meeting this Tuesday evening at 7pm. 

We will continue with outdoor meetings to allow mask-optional, COVID safe scouting. We will meet at the East Portico of the Riverside Train Station. Scouts should bring a blanket to sit on, parents may bring chairs. 

We will also be recognizing scouts who have earned awards and having lots of fun. 

When: Tuesday, 10/19, 7pm

Where: Riverside Train Station, East Portico

What: A blanket to sit on

Who: All Cub Scouts, Parents, and Siblings

Why: To have FUN!


2021 Popcorn Site Sales

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If your Scout is interested in working popcorn site sales, check out our SignUpGenius page.

Upcoming site sales include:

  • 10/16/2021 at Riverside Foods
  • 10/17/2021 at Jewel in Stickney

We keep adding more sites, so keep checking the SignUpGenius page.

Be Prepared for Cold Weather

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Fall is here, and Pack 24 is gearing up for a season of fun outdoor gatherings.

Remember! Sign up is open for our Greene Valley camping trip. Please be sure to registered by Friday, October 15, 2021.

The correct clothing and gear can help your family enjoy being outside in almost any weather.  Here are some tips for staying comfortable in the cold:


-Layer a fleece, sweater, or sweatshirt over comfortable clothing.  Add a windbreaker or heavier jacket as needed.  You want to be able to add layers when you’re cold and remove them when you’re too warm (sweat means wet skin, and wet skin means cold and uncomfortable skin). 

-On chilly days, remember you can layer pants, too.  A base layer (first layer) of long underwear, snug pajamas, or leggings can help you stay comfortable longer. 

-Stick some gloves and hats in your bag, even if you think you won’t need them.  Better to be extra prepared than to have your fun ruined by freezing hands.  This is especially important if you’ll be out in the evening – temperatures can drop quickly when the sun starts to set. 

-For rain or wet ground, staying dry is the key to staying warm.  My family loves rain suits and rain pants.  If you don’t have rain-specific gear, layering can help the clothing closest to your skin stay as dry as possible.  If you’ll be out for a long time, bring extra clothes.       

-Footwear should be comfortable and something you’re ok with getting dirty.  For wet weather, rain boots are ideal.  If your shoes/boots aren’t weatherproof, be sure to bring an extra pair.  Wet feet are really unpleasant in chilly weather. 

-Wool socks are great for staying warm and feeling drier.  But socks are one item NOT to layer (unless your boots have room to spare).  Doubling socks makes boots fit tighter, and tighter boots restrict circulation, resulting in colder feet.  This can be a problem with snug-fitting boots and thick socks, too.  A boots/socks combo that allows you to move your toes around is a better bet. 

-Add scarves or neck warmers as needed.


-Layers are essential in winter, too.  If you’re wondering about fabrics, a base layer of wool or synthetic fibers (like polyester) works better than cotton.  Cotton soaks up and retains moisture, leaving skin wet if you sweat or if rain or snow gets through your outer layers.  The type of fabric for that mid-layer (sweats, fleece, etc.) isn’t as important.

-Winter coats and snow pants (your outer layer) should be weatherproof.  Snow pants aren’t just for the snow.  You can stay outside longer and sit on the cold ground more comfortably with snow pants on.     

-Snow boots should be not too tight (as mentioned above) and not too loose (boots that are too large can cause blisters or make it harder to walk properly).  Most companies leave a little extra room in snow boots for thicker socks, so buy your size but try on first if possible.  Rain boots with wool socks are a good substitute if your snow boots are drying at home.   

-Bring hats and gloves.  Ski masks/balaclava are great for super cold weather, sledding, and/or staying out for a long time.  Waterproof gloves or mittens are the best in the snow.  They can be hard to maneuver in, so we like to keep some thinner gloves in our bag in case we need to use our hands.  

-Hand warmers can go a long way towards cheering up a child struggling with the cold.  (Please read the safety information on any warmers you use.)  Another secret weapon is a thermos of warm tea. 

Happy Scouting!  We look forward to adventuring with you all! 

2021 Popcorn Sales

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Popcorn!  Popcorn!  Get your popcorn!  It’s time to get popping and time to sell those kernels!

If you did not receive your popcorn “packet” of information at the Scout cabin Pack meeting, please contact your Den Leader or Lindsay Truesdale, our Popcorn Kernel, at lindsayandalantruesdale@gmail.com.


Order Form/Traditional Sales
Call your family, call your friends, ask your neighbors. But please, do so SAFELY!  Each Scout should have received an order form and door hangers to be used for advertising and contactless ordering. This is a great safe alternative form of door-to-door sales. If you do door-to-door sales, please keep in mind the following tips:

Selling Tips
• Be Neat – always wear your uniform
• Be Prepared – know your products and what you are going to say
• Maintain Eye Contact – be confident
• Speak Loudly and Clearly
• Always Be Polite & Courteous
• Thank Everyone – even the people who don’t buy anything
• Keep Moving – the more people you approach and talk to, the more popcorn you will sell
• Keep Smiling
Safety Tips
• Buddy System – always have a buddy or adult with you when selling
• House Rules – politely decline to enter a stranger’s house unless an adult is with you
• Money Matters – keep checks and cash in a popcorn sale envelope with your name on it
• Road Rules – walk on the sidewalk whenever possible and always look both ways when crossing
the street
• Curfew – never sell after dark

Online Sales
Each Scout can set up an online site to sell popcorn. Note, the online products are different than the order form products. At their online site, Scouts can make a video with their sales pitch and make posts to Facebook and Twitter to advertise and get the word and mission out.  Be creative with your video! This is a great opportunity for Scouts to work on public speaking, creativity, and video editing skills!

If you need a seller ID for online sales or have questions, please email Lindsay Truesdale at lindsayandalantruesdale@gmail.com. You can also watch this online tutorial for setting up your online site:



Here is a link to information about the available prizes and levels: https://pathwaytoadventure.org/media/upload/prize%20Flyer.pdf

In addition, the Pathway to Adventure Council has the following incentives:

Any Scout that sells $750 will receive 2 tickets to the Chicago Wolves hockey game on January 9, 2022. Additional tickets will be available for purchase as we get closer to the event.

The top selling Pack and Troop will each receive a party package at either the Gary RailCats or the Schaumburg Boomers. Unit can select which team they wish to attend. Details will be made available once the 2022 schedules are made available by each team.

Any Scout that sells $1250 will receive 2 tickets to a Chicago Cubs or Chicago White Sox Game (Team TBD). Date will be
predetermined once the 2022 schedules come out. THERE WILL BE NO CHANGING OF DATES.

The top selling Scout in PTAC will receive a package consisting of: Flights for 4, hotel for 4, and tickets to 2 pre-season games for the Chicago Cubs or Chicago White Sox (Team TBD). Trip dates will be determined once the 2022 Spring Training schedule is determined. THERE IS NO DEVIATION FROM THE CONTENTS OF THE PRIZE PACKAGE.

Final Notes 

Popcorn sales are usually one of our most profitable fundraisers. We use the funds to subsidize all kinds of activities for scouts – including museum overnights, camping trips, and fun activities at pack meetings and den meetings. In addition, the funds we receive from popcorn sales help cover your scout’s National Registration fee and Boys’ Life subscription. Most other Packs pass these fees on to the parents/guardians. We only ask for you to pay the National Registration fee the first year.

While we have a short selling season, we can still have BIG goals.  When deadlines are shorter and closer we are less likely to put it on the back burner.  You don’t want that popcorn to burn, right!?  So get out today and start selling.  Call your family today.  Post your sale on Facebook today.  Don’t wait until tomorrow.  Today is the day.  Seize the moment and get popping!

2021 Greene Valley Camping Trip

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Sign up is open for the fall camping trip to Greene Valley Forest Preserve in Naperville!

Greene Valley Camping Trip: Friday, October 22nd – Sunday, October 24th

Pack 24 Cub Scouts are traveling to Greene Valley Forest Preserve in Naperville for a tent camping trip. We will spend time playing games and making crafts at the campsite as well as exploring the trails. One trail includes a 190-foot-tall scenic overlook offering views of the surrounding area and possibly even the Chicago skyline! All Cub Scouts and their entire family are welcome to attend this outing.

Stay tuned for a volunteer sign up sheet. We will need parents to help with meal preparation as well as some of the activities.

Here’s a summary of what we have planned…

Friday night: Check in, set up, dinner on your own, night hike, campfire.


  • Breakfast
  • Crafts, games, and skit planning at the campsite
  • Lunch
  • Group hike to the scenic overlook
  • Dinner
  • We’ll end the evening with skits and songs around the campfire

Sunday morning: Breakfast, camp breakdown/cleanup (check out by noon)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the cost?

A:  Scouts and siblings under 16 are $25 each, adults are $40 each, yes – the entire family is welcome to attend.

Q:  Do I have to camp for two nights? 

A:  No, you are free to arrive Saturday morning or leave late Saturday if your schedule is constrained.

Q: Where is it? 

A: The Youth Campground is a 23-mile drive from Riverside and is located on 79th Street, 0.5 mile west of Greene Road. Campsite numbers will be provided at a later time to those who register. Here is a link to the Thunderbird Road parking lot: Parking Lot – Green Valley Forest Preserve West


Q:  What are we going to eat? 

A: Meal planning is still in process. Plenty of nutritious fruits and veggies will be served with each meal. Note: Food is included, but if you have dietary restrictions, you’re welcome to bring any food you like. Please let us know if anyone in your family has food allergies.

Here is the sign up! If you cannot see the form on your mobile phone, please click here to register. Reminder: no refunds can be issued.

Sorry, sign up for the Greene Valley camping trip is closed.

Volunteers for Picnic & Scout Cabin Campout

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We hope you’re all looking forward to our combined kick-off picnic and Scout Cabin overnight this weekend! We’ll need some volunteers to help with set up, clean up and a little activity supervision in between. Click the link below to RSVP and volunteer.  


Pack 24 Needs You to Volunteer

2021 Kickoff Picnic

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Have you missed us? We’ve missed you, too! Let’s get together to kick off a great Scouting season, starting with a picnic full of food, friends and fun. We’ll need some volunteers to help with set up, clean up and a little activity supervision in between. We’ll be providing a link to sign up to volunteer.

When? Saturday, September 25th, 12pm – 3:00pm

Where?  Scout Cabin 417 Fairbank Rd.

Bring the family and invite friends—kindergarten through fifth grade—that are interested in joining the Pack. We’ll have burgers, hot dogs, desserts and plenty of food all around, along with tug-o-war, and water bottle rockets!

Start saving your two-liter bottles and follow these instructions to build your own rocket to bring to the picnic (we’ll provide the launcher). Let’s see how high we can fly this year!

Also, we are combining our annual kickoff picnic with our first Pack meeting and our Scout Cabin overnight this year. So, existing Scouts, please be sure to sign up for the camping overnight!

2021 Scout Cabin Campout!!

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Join us on Saturday, September 25th from 12 p.m. to Sunday, September 26th at 9 a.m. for camping at Riverside’s own Scout Cabin. (Note: we are combining our usual kick-off picnic with our Scout Cabin overnight this year.) This is the perfect campout for the whole family, especially those Scouts that are new to the Pack and want to see what camping is all about. Plus, if your Scout gets cold feet, you’re literally right in the neighborhood, so it’s an easy drive home —and you can still join us for breakfast in the morning. This event is free for Scouts, $10 for siblings and $15 for adults.   Tons of fun activities are planned:

  • Games
  • Pizza at 5pm
  • Campfire & S’mores (of course)
  • Movie before turning in
  • Bagels & Donuts for breakfast

In addition, after dinner we will hold our first Pack Meeting of the 2021-2022 year! It’s been a long time since we’ve had a Pack Meeting and we’re looking forward to it.

Be sure to pack:

  • Tent & tarp
  • Sleeping bags & pillows
  • Extra blankets and clothing layers
  • Lantern, head lamp or flashlight
  • Bug Spray — a MUST
  • Camp chairs for hanging out and eating meals
  • Games or books for any downtime your kids may want to take
  • Water bottle
  • Any toiletries you may need 
  • Earplugs optional since some of our Scout parents have been known to snore

If you have an extra tarp, tent or sleeping bags you’re willing to lend out, please let your Den Leader know. Some of our families are brand new to camping and aren’t yet stocked up on camping essentials.

Sign up below! Not seeing the form on your mobile device email? Click here to register